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H: Geo-Energy

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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The fossil fuel industry must act as a responsible partner in the transition process to a sustainable energy system by making efforts to reduce its environmental footprint within acceptable limits. The optimization of oil and gas recovery and coal mining with responsible environmental footprint requires new resource extraction technologies. Ideally, these will be validated in bottom-up development models that will give valuable insight into the ability of the fossil fuel industry to support the transition process to a sustainable energy system. Download Section Flyer

Anthropogenic energy supply systems contribute to climate change, which is why carbondioxide sequestration by the fossil fuel industry is important. The transition to a sustainable energy system must occur as fast as is practically feasible. Fossil fuels are expected to fill the supply gap, while renewable energy supply systems are being phased in at ever faster speeds. Everyone working in today’s energy business realizes the shortcomings and finiteness of fossil energy resources. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry must allow for a smooth energy transition such as not to derail the global economic system.


Example topic areas within the scope of our journal's Geo-Energy Section are listed below. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive.

  • Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
    • Mathematical modeling of flow in porous media;
    • Naturally fractured reservoirs;
    • Reservoir simulation;
    • Reservoir management;
    • Reservoir properties and processes;
    • Traces studies;
    • Well spacing optimization.
  • Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment
    • Welbore stability studies;
    • Automated drilling;
    • Hydraulic fracturing studies;
    • Fracture propagation models;
    • Proppant placement;
    • Fracture diagnostics;
    • Fracture characterization;
    • Naturally fractured in reservoirs.
  • Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
    • CO2 storage in coal/shales/oil and gas reservoirs;
    • Regulation and legislation of carbon emissions;
    • Carbon sinks.
  • Geothermal Energy Extraction
    • Enhanced geothermal energy;
    • Integration of geothermal energy in energy systems;
    • Subsurface storage of heat and cold;
    • Geo fluids;
    • Geothermal power plants and heating systems;
    • Borehole heat exchanger;
    • Ground source heat pumps;
    • Energy from groundwater.
  • Petroleum Exploration and Production
    • Natural gas;
    • Shale gas and liquids;
    • Heavy oil EOR;
    • Petroleum economics;
    • Enhanced oil recovery;
    • Production engineering;
    • Optimization of lift systems.
  • Energy from Coal Formations
    • Environmentally friendly coal mining;
    • In-situ coal combustion;
    • Coal gasification.

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