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A1: Smart Grids and Microgrids

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

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The research and development of smart grids and microgrids in the last decades is the way how some countries have modernized their transmission and distribution networks in order to respond to the challenges and problems that the grid has to face, such as the increasing demand or the higher penetration levels of renewable energy resources while keeping high quality standards in an efficient, reliable, safe, economical and robust manner. Download Section Flyer

The operation and management of such complex system require the use and mix of different technologies of different fields, from advanced communications and information technology to smart metering and monitoring equipment. The need for gathering information from suppliers and consumers is critical to determine the state of the grid and to optimize the operation and management of the system regarding load shedding, storage administration, and strategies to face faults and grid contingencies.

This section is intended to present new contributions, studies and reviews in the area of smart grids and microgrids related to generation, transmission and distribution, storage management, dynamic load leveling, grid smart operation and automated control, self-healing ability, communications, smart metering, IoT integration, smart grid modelling, economic and policy implications, interaction with electricity market, security, and electric vehicle integration.


  • Power Electronics for Power Grids:
    • AC/DC/AC-DC Hybrid Microgrids
    • Modular Multilevel Converters MMC for High Voltage Energy DC-Transmission between Clustered Smart Grids
    • Vehicle-to-Grid Technologies
    • Smart Grids for Batteries
    • Power Quality
    • Power Converter
    • Multi-Energy Microgrid
    • Microgrid Hybrid Power Systems
    • Smart Grid Device Management
    • CHP Systems
    • Control Techniques
  • Smart Energy Systems for Power Grids:
    • Grid Integration Technology of Renewable Energy
    • Energy Storage Technology in Power Grid
    • Smart metering and Cyber Security for Microgrids and Smart Grids
    • Electricity Market
    • Demand Response Management and Optimization Considering Prosumers in Smart Grid
    • Efficient Energy Consumption
    • Wind & Solar Environmental Forecasting for better Energy Planning of Microgrids and Smart Grids
    • 100% Renewable Grid
  • Smart Distribution Grid: Computing and Communication Technology
    • ICT Applications
    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Privacy and Security
    • Urban Data Analytics
    • Safety, Security and Privacy for Smart Home/Building/City
    • Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT and Blockchain Applications for Smart grids
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) Applications to Smart Grids

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