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B3: Carbon Emission and Utilization

A section of Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).

Section Information

The Carbon Energy section is primarily focused on (i) carbon generation from energy utilization from both fossil fuels and biomass based fuels, (ii) carbon capture, transport and storage associated to industrial and energy use and (iii) carbon utilization oriented to the production of synthetic fuels or improved production of fuels. The section will cover research including significant science and engineering advances in the reduction and control of carbon emissions through improved clean technologies, enhanced efficiencies, carbon dioxide capture, transport, storage and utilization. In addition, relevant economic issues, policy analyses, industry developments and case studies will be published in this section. Contributions may be presented as critical reviews, original research articles, commentary articles or short communications of broad interest.


  • Carbon generation in energy and industrial sector
    • Clean technologies for fossil fuels
    • Efficiency optimization of fossil fuel usage stage
    • Bioenergy utilization
  • Carbon capture technologies, transportation and storage
    • Industrial CCS
    • BECCS
  • Carbon utilization applied to energy and industrial sector
    • Biorefinery and biofuels production
    • Catalysis for CO2 conversion
    • Power to fuel
    • Mineral carbonation
    • Enhanced oil/hydrocarbon recovery

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