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Co-Creating New Directions for Service Robots in Hospitality and Tourism
VR in Tourism: A New Call for Virtual Tourism Experience amid and after the COVID-19 Pandemic
Management Accounting Practices in the Hospitality Industry: A Systematic Review and Critical Approach
A Review of Quantitative Studies in Agritourism: The Implications for Developing Countries
Place Branding—The Challenges of Getting It Right: Coping with Success and Rebuilding from Crises
Living with COVID-19 and Sustaining a Tourism Recovery—Adopting a Front-Line Collaborative Response between the Tourism Industry and Community Pharmacists
Using Systems Thinking to Improve Tourism and Hospitality Research Quality and Relevance: A Critical Review and Conceptual Analysis
An Employee Sharing Model for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Measuring Online Destination Image, Satisfaction, and Loyalty: Evidence from Barcelona Districts
Augmenting the Role of Tourism Governance in Addressing Destination Justice, Ethics, and Equity for Sustainable Community-Based Tourism
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