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Most Cited & Viewed Papers

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Sports, Transgender Rights and the Bodily Politics of Cisgender Supremacy
Environmental Legislation in European and International Contexts: Legal Practices and Social Planning toward the Circular Economy
Effective Public Administration as a Tool for Building Smart Cities: The Experience of the Slovak Republic
COVID-19 and Religious Freedom: Some Comparative Perspectives
Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business: Legal Regulations, Economic Impact and Perspective
Cryptocurrencies and Fraudulent Transactions: Risks, Practices, and Legislation for Their Prevention in Europe and Spain
Donald Trump, the Christian Right and COVID-19: The Politics of Religious Freedom
Economic and Legal Analysis of Cryptocurrency: Scientific Views from Russia and the Muslim World
Zimitsani Moto: Understanding the Malawi COVID-19 Response
Reconciling Remote Sensing Technologies with Personal Data and Privacy Protection in the European Union: Recent Developments in Greek Legislation and Application Perspectives in Environmental Law
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