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Bioethics, Law and Human Rights: Global Intersections
(Editor: Aurora Plomer)
30 Apr 2015 8
Climate Change and International Economic Law: Chiasms and Complementarities
(Editor: Sonia E. Rolland)
15 Jun 2015 6
Competency and Capacity: Issues Affecting Health Law, Policy and Society
(Editors: Lindy Willmott, Kelly Purser, Shih-Ning Then)
30 Mar 2015 7
Concerns, Contradictions and Reality of Mental Health Law
(Editor: Penelope June Weller)
30 Nov 2018 6
Cultural Expertise in Europe: An Emergent Concept and Evolving Practices
(Editor: Livia Holden)
15 Apr 2019
Development of Juvenile Delinquency
(Editor: Tamar R. Birckhead)
30 Jun 2014 10
Feminist Legal Theory in the 21st Century
(Editor: Margaret Thornton)
30 Sep 2019
Global Food Safety Law and Policy
(Editor: Michael T. Roberts)
1 Feb 2013 5
Health Care Law and the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities
(Editor: Elizabeth Pendo)
15 Aug 2017 8
Immigration Law and Criminal Justice
(Editor: Ingrid V. Eagly)
15 Oct 2015 5
Intellectual Property Law in the New Technological Age: Rising to the Challenge of Change?
(Editor: Carys J. Craig)
30 Sep 2017 7
Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Climate Change
(Editor: Abbe E. L. Brown)
30 Apr 2019 1
International Tax Law and Policy
(Editor: Kim Brooks)
1 Jul 2018 2
Intersection between Law, Politics and Public Policy
(Editor: Jeb Barnes)
15 Feb 2018 7
Justice Connections
(Editors: Patricia Easteal, Simon Rice)
7 Jan 2016 5
Legally Constructed Gendered Identities
(Editor: Sarah Beresford)
1 Aug 2013 10
Migration and Human Rights
(Editor: François Crépeau)
1 Mar 2013 7
New Worlds of Health Law: Biotech, Bioethics, Big Opportunities and Risks
(Editors: Wendy Bonython, Bruce Baer Arnold)
31 May 2019
Refugees and International Law: The Challenge of Protection
(Editor: James C. Simeon)
31 May 2019
Regional Human Rights Regimes and the Protection of Migrants’ Rights
(Editor: Sylvie Da Lomba)
31 Oct 2019
Rough Justice: Penal Sanctions, Human Dignity, and Human Rights
(Editor: Robert Johnson)
1 Nov 2014 9
Securitization and Financial Innovation in a Post Crisis World
(Editor: Andrea Miglionico)
30 Jul 2019
Technology, Social Media and Law
(Editor: Jane Bailey)
30 Apr 2014 15
The Death Penalty in the 21st Century
(Editor: Dennis R. Longmire)
31 Dec 2013 7
The Intersection of Human Rights Law and Health Law
(Editor: Rhonda Powell)
15 Jan 2016 5
The New Frontiers of Fashion Law
(Editors: Rossella Esther Cerchia, Barbara Pozzo)
30 Jun 2019
The Protection of Minorities under International Law
(Editor: Noelle Higgins)
30 Nov 2019
Where Are the Legal Professions Heading? Selected Papers of the International Working Group for Comparative Studies of Legal Professions
(Editors: Benoit Bastard, Luca Verzelloni)
1 Feb 2018 7
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