Diversity 2020 Best Paper Awards (500 CHF)

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Dear Colleagues,

The editorial team would like to congratulate the winners of Diversity 2020 Best Paper Awards. The nominations were made by a selection committee, which was chaired by the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Michael Wink, and supported by four Editorial Board Members. The following papers, in no particular order, won the Diversity 2020 Best Paper Awards:

A Phylogenomic Supertree of Birds
Rebecca T. Kimball, Carl H. Oliveros, Ning Wang, Noor D. White, F. Keith Barker, Daniel J. Field, Daniel T. Ksepka, R. Terry Chesser, Robert G. Moyle, Michael J. Braun, Robb T. Brumfield, Brant C. Faircloth, Brian Tilston Smith and Edward L. Braun.
Diversity 2019, 11(7), 109; https://doi.org/10.3390/d11070109

Recent Trends in Research on the Genetic Diversity of Plants: Implications for Conservation
Yasmin G. S. Carvalho, Luciana C. Vitorino, Ueric J. B. de Souza and Layara A. Bessa.
Diversity 2019, 11(4), 62; https://doi.org/10.3390/d11040062

The Importance of Isotopic Turnover for Understanding Key Aspects of Animal Ecology and Nutrition
Wales A. Carter, Ulf Bauchinger and Scott R. McWilliams.
Diversity 2019, 11(5), 84; https://doi.org/10.3390/d11050084

Please join us in congratulating the winners, whom we thank for having chosen Diversity to publish their work.

Each Best Paper Award winner will receive a certificate, 500 CHF, and an opportunity to publish a paper in Diversity free of charge in open-access format, after the standard peer-review process.

An additional thank you goes out to the selection committee for its invaluable efforts in choosing the winners.

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