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27 June–2 July 2021 AMSA 2021 Conference: 'Marine Science in the Anthropocene'


We welcome you to the AMSA 2021 Conference: 'Marine Science in the Anthropocene'. Humans have substantially impacted the earth in the relatively short period of time that we have inhabited it. The impact is so profound that it is now geologically preservable. In a major conference for earth systems in 2000, Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen announced that because of our impact we are no-longer living in the Holocene but have entered a new epoch, now coined the Anthropocene.

2020 has historically been considered a year of forecasting for many international agencies interested in anthropogenic impacts on marine systems. A year of assessing how far we have come and how far we need to go.

In 2021, AMSA welcome you to our first virtual Conference that challenges concepts and works towards solutions in a wide range of disciplines associated with the Anthropocene epoch. Symposia and speakers come from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds including research, industry, management and policy. This Conference is about blazing a path forward in the governance of today’s marine systems and identifying ways of maximising a sustainable and biodiverse future.

31 August–3 September 2021 Congress APF 2021

Troyes, France

The Auboise Geological Association was born on January 8, 1971 with the publication in the official journal with the aim of "pooling all our resources, promoting the interest of geology in the department and perfecting the knowledge of amateurs." To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the A.G.A. is proud and honoured to bring together the world of French paleontologists in Troyes at the congress of the French Paleontological Association (APF).

This congress is a collaboration with the French Paleontological Association which aims to promote paleontology, facilitate its development and promote communication between French-speaking paleontologists. Scientific presentations will be made in the form of oral papers and/or posters (in French) dealing with all aspects of paleontology.

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