Surface Characterization, Deposition and Modification

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The success of products strongly depends on the properties of the outermost layer, which can be significantly enhanced by appropriate surface treatments and suitable coatings. These technologies offer the possibility to combine the attractive properties of materials in a growing domain of disciplines: in mechanics and tribology, optics and microelectronics, fluid dynamics, and in many other fields that either already exist or are expected to arise in the future. Moreover, surface engineering includes a diversity of innovative technologies that comprise, among others, nano and other emerging high-tech processes. Therefore, in the recent decade, the field of surface engineering has gained a leading role in materials science and engineering and attracts great scientific and research interest with a view to producing cost-effective and advanced multifunctional materials.

The “Surface Characterization, Deposition and Modification” section is a forum for the rapid publication of scientific papers pertaining to surface and interface engineering for modifying the superficial properties of materials in order to attain protection under demanding contact conditions and/or to improve functional performance. The scope of Surface Characterization, Deposition and Modification comprises various coating deposition processes and surface treatments as well as microstructural/properties characterization and performance studies of the modified or treated surfaces. Both experimental and theoretical studies will be covered. Moreover, the development of novel characterization devices that are specifically designed to study the structural and other properties of modified surfaces are welcome in this section. All manuscripts to be considered for publication in this section will undergo a rigorous peer-review process and decisions are based on the recommendations of independent reviewers.

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