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Bioactive Coatings and Biointerfaces 57 Articles

Dr. Alexandra Muñoz-Bonilla  
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Corrosion, Wear and Erosion 85 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ludmila B. Boinovich  
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Coatings for Food Technology and System 30 Articles

Plasma Coatings, Surfaces & Interfaces 54 Articles

Current Special Issues (6)

Surface Characterization, Deposition and Modification 159 Articles

Prof. Dr. Giorgos Skordaris  
Current Special Issues (43)

Surface Coatings for Biomedicine and Bioengineering 83 Articles

Prof. Dr. Anton Ficai  
Current Special Issues (22)

Thin Films 101 Articles

Dr. Torsten Brezesinski  
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Tribology 21 Articles

Liquid–Fluid Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces 17 Articles

Dr. Eduardo Guzmán  

Selected Papers from International Conferences and Workshops


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