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Prof. Gilbert Fantozzi
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INSA-Lyon, MATEIS laboratory UMR CNRS 5510, 69621 Villeurbanne, France
Tel. 33 6 26 79 66 23
Interests: ceramic processing; thermomechanical behavior; shaping; sintering; SPS; cermets; ceramic matrix composites
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Editorial Board Members (46)

Prof. Dr. Rajiv Asthana
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Department of Engineering and Technology, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI 54751, USA
Interests: ceramic-metal composites; ceramic-matrix composites; high-temperature capillarity; ceramic brazing; reactive melt infiltration; powder compaction and sintering
Prof. Narottam P. Bansal
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Materials and Structures Division, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH 44135, USA
Interests: ceramics; glasses; CMCs; TBCs and EBCs; CMAS; solid oxide fuel cells; high-T superconductors; sol-gel
Prof. Dr. Enrico Bernardo
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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, Università di Padova, Via Marzolo 9, 35131 Padova, Italy
Interests: cellular glasses and glass-ceramics; glass sintering; glass and glass-ceramic matrix composites; polymer-derived ceramics; silicate bioceramics; phosphate ceramics; additive manufacturing of ceramics
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Prof. Dr. Thierry Cabioch
Institut P',UPR 3346 CNRS Université de Poitiers ENSMA, Département de Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux, Bât. SP2MI, téléport 2, 11 Bd Marie et Pierre Curie, BP 30179, F-86962 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex, France.
Interests: nanostructured ceramics; thin films deposition (PVD); X-ray diffractionm microstructural characterization; carbides and nitrides; MAX phases
Prof. Francis Cambier
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Belgian Ceramic Research Centre, Member of EMRA, Avenue Gouverneur Cornez 4, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Interests: biomaterial engineering; biocompatible materials; scaffold development; biomaterials; microfabrication; ceramics; composites; sintering; material characterization
Prof. Eric Champion
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Institute of Research for Ceramics, France
Interests: bioceramics; hydroxyapatite; calcium phosphates; sintering; powder synthesis; additive manufacturing; bone substitutes
Prof. Narendra Dahotre
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Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Texas, 1155 Union Circle #305310 Denton, TX 76203-5017, USA
Interests: structural ceramics; lase machining of ceramics; ceramic coatings; bioceramics; laser based additive manufacturing
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Prof. Konstantinos Dassios
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Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Ioannina, Ioannina, GR-45110, Greece
Interests: ceramic composites; nanocomposites; fracture; carbon nanotubes; thermography
Dr. Sylvain Deville
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Laboratory of Synthesis and Functionnalisation of Ceramics (LSFC, UMR3080), Cavaillon, France
Interests: ice-templating; freeze-casting; porous ceramics; composites, solidification; ceramic processing; bioinspiration; data mining; open science
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Dr. Dominik Dorosz
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Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, AGH - University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland
Interests: glass; glass-ceramics; luminescence; optical fibers; rare-earths; lanthanide
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