Special Issues

Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Submission Deadline
Biomolecular Structure and Drug Design. Advances in Therapy against Neglected Infectious Diseases
(Editors: Alfonso T. Garcia-Sosa, Paul Nguewa)
Molecular Structure and Dynamics 30 Sep 2020 2
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Biological Systems
(Editor: Priya R. Banerjee)
Molecular Structure and Dynamics 31 May 2020
Plasma Membrane Dynamics
(Editors: Ignacio Casuso, Laura Picas)
Molecular Structure and Dynamics 31 Dec 2019
RNA: Folding into Function
(Editor: Walter Moss)
Molecular Structure and Dynamics 1 Dec 2019 1
Visualizing the Genome
(Editor: Srinjan Basu)
Molecular Structure and Dynamics 29 Feb 2020
Big Data Analysis in Biomolecular Research, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology with Complex Networks and Multi-Label Machine Learning Models
(Editor: Humbert González-Díaz)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 31 Jul 2020 2
Bioinformatics and Precision Computational Biology: Selected Papers from the X International Conference on Bioinformatics #SoIBio+10
(Editors: Javier De Las Rivas, Elizabeth Tapia)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 30 Nov 2019
Bioinformatics Resource and Protocols for Small RNA Research
(Editor: Michael Hackenberg)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 31 May 2020
Computational Perspectives on Intrinsic Disorder-Based Functionality
(Editors: Vladimir N. Uversky, Lukasz Kurgan, Christopher J. Oldfield)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 15 Jun 2020
In Silico Drug Design for GPCRs: Big Data for Small Molecule Discovery
(Editor: Vsevolod Katritch)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 20 Feb 2020
Molecular Mechanisms of Kidney Injury and Repair
(Editor: Grazyna Nowak)
Molecular Medicine 30 Nov 2019 4
Molecular Mechanisms of Peritoneal Membrane Pathophysiology
(Editors: Sotirios Zarogiannis, Claus Peter Schmitt)
Molecular Medicine 30 Apr 2020
New Targets and Strategies in Regenerative Medicine
(Editors: Muruganandan Shanmugam, Michael Wigerius)
Molecular Medicine 31 Dec 2019 7
Reelin, a Hub Protein during Nervous System Development?
(Editor: Pascale Chavis)
Molecular Medicine 30 Mar 2020
Acetylcholine and Acetylcholine Receptors: Textbook Knowledge and New Data
(Editor: Victor Tsetlin)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 20 Jan 2020
Advances in Ginsenosides
(Editor: Jen-Tsung Chen)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 29 Feb 2020 2
Antitumor Agents from Natural Sources
(Editor: Gautam Sethi)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Dec 2019 17
Cholinesterases in Alzheimer's Disease
(Editor: Sultan Darvesh)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 30 Nov 2019 2
Desiphering the Network of Cell Receptors and Matrix in Health and Disease
(Editors: Marco Franchi, Zoi Piperigkou)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 15 May 2020
Dopamine Receptor in Health and Diseases
(Editor: Damiana Leo)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Mar 2020 3
Enzymatic Inhibitors from Natural Sources: A Huge Collection of New Potential Drugs
(Editor: Paolo Paoli)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 30 Dec 2019 1
Fatty Acids in Natural Ecosystems and Human Nutrition
(Editor: Michail I. Gladyshev)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 30 Nov 2019 5
Marine-Derived Biomolecules
(Editor: Diaa Youssef)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 15 May 2020
Nicotinamide in Health and Diseases
(Editor: Eun Seong Hwang)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Jan 2020
NMDA Receptor in Health and Diseases
(Editor: Motohiro Okada)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 15 Feb 2020 3
Novel Natural-based Biomolecules Discovery for Tackling Chronic Diseases
(Editor: Hang Fai (Henry) Kwok)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 30 Jun 2020 5
Nucleic Acids, Structure and Modeling
(Editor: Jiří Černý)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 28 Feb 2020 2
Perspectives of Coumarins
(Editors: Stela Jokić, Maja Molnar)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 20 Mar 2020
Perspectives of Cyclodextrins
(Editor: Susana Santos Braga)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 15 Mar 2020 5
Perspectives of Essential Oils
(Editor: Il-Kwon Park)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 30 Jun 2020 3
Perspectives on Tannins
(Editor: Andrzej Szczurek)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 20 Mar 2020 3
Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants
(Editor: Raffaele Capasso)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 10 Nov 2020
Phytochemical Omics in Medicinal Plants
(Editor: Jen-Tsung Chen)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Mar 2020 6
(Editor: Guzel Kudoyarova)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Dec 2019 9
Plant-Based Biomolecules—Potential Effects on Degenerative Diseases
(Editors: Carmen Socaciu, Zorita Diaconeasa)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 15 Jun 2020
Pollen as Food and Feed
(Editors: Aleksandar Ž. Kostić, Mirjana B. Pešić)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 1 Nov 2019 1
Prion Disease Biomarkers: Recent Advances
(Editor: Franc Llorens)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 15 Feb 2020
Recent Advances in p53
(Editor: Gabriella D’Orazi)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Jan 2020
Selected Papers from Bio.Natural Meeting 2019
(Editors: Patrícia Rijo, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Jan 2020 1
Structural and Mechanistic Enzymology in Drug Discovery: A New Frontier
(Editors: Sherif T. S. Hassan, Seyed Mohammad Nabavi)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 20 Apr 2020 2
The Endocannabinoid System in Health and Disease
(Editors: Andres Ozaita, Patricia Robledo)
Natural and Bio-inspired Molecules 31 Oct 2019
Advances in hydrogels for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications
(Editor: Anuj Kumar)
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering 31 Mar 2020 1
Focal Adhesion Kinase and Its Role in Cell, Molecular Biology, Cell Mechanics, and Bioengineering
(Editor: Claudia Mierke)
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering 30 Nov 2019
Novel Synthetic or Natural Neuroprotective Compounds against Oxidative and ER Stresses
(Editor: Yoko Hirata)
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering 3 Feb 2020 1
Biochemistry of Wine and Beer
(Editors: Encarna Gómez-Plaza, Rocio Gil-Muñoz)
Chemical Biology 30 Dec 2019 5
High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL): The Role of Reverse Cholesterol Transport in Human Health and Disease
(Editor: Anand K. Rohatgi)
Chemical Biology 29 Feb 2020
Hydrogen Sulfide-Based Therapeutics
(Editors: Harry van Goor, Jaap A. Joles)
Chemical Biology 31 May 2020
Immunotoxins: From Design to Clinical application
(Editor: Robert J. Kreitman)
Chemical Biology 31 May 2020
Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
(Editor: Naoki Tanaka)
Chemical Biology 31 May 2020
Biomolecules in Complex Biological and Biochemical Systems – Selected Papers from ICBB2019
(Editors: Anna Kurzyńska-Kokorniak, Antonio Trincone)
Biochemistry 20 Jun 2020 1
DNA Polymerases: From the Maintenance of Genetic Information to Applications in Biotechnology and Biomedicine
(Editor: Modesto Redrejo Rodriguez)
Biochemistry 1 May 2020 1
In Search of Selective High-Affinity Compounds to Inhibit Carbonic Anhydrases
(Editor: Daumantas Matulis)
Biochemistry 15 Mar 2020 1
Inflammation as Target treatment for Chronic Diseases
(Editors: Palanivel Ganesan, Arulselvan Palanisamy)
Biochemistry 31 Mar 2020 1
Integrative Multi-Omics in Biomedical Research
(Editors: Christopher Gerner, Michelle Hill)
Biochemistry 31 May 2020
MAPKs in Skin Health and Disease
(Editor: Sang-Han Lee)
Biochemistry 30 Jun 2020
Mitochondria and Central Nervous System Disorders
(Editor: Marta Giacomello)
Biochemistry 31 Jul 2020
Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Human Diseases: Pathophysiology, Predictive Biomarkers, Therapeutic
(Editor: Chia-Jung Li)
Biochemistry 31 Jan 2020 3
Peptides: Molecular and Biotechnological Aspects
(Editor: Hamilton Cabral)
Biochemistry 20 Dec 2019 8
Perspectives of Sphingolipids
(Editor: Christiane Mühle)
Biochemistry 31 Mar 2020 1
Potential Molecular Targets for Disease—Modifying Therapeutic Strategies in Parkinson’s Disease
(Editor: Jordi Bové)
Biochemistry 31 Jan 2020
Role of Nrf2 in Disease: Novel Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches
(Editor: Isabel Lastres-Becker)
Biochemistry 31 Mar 2020
Targeting Tumor Metabolism: From Mechanisms to Therapies
(Editors: Iola F. Duarte, Ana M. Gil)
Biochemistry 31 Mar 2020
TGF-Beta Signaling in Tissue Fibrosis and Cancer
(Editors: Paul J. Higgins, Rohan Samarakoon)
Biochemistry 30 Jun 2020
The Amazing World of IDPs in Human Diseases
(Editors: Simona Maria Monti, Giuseppina De Simone, Emma Langella)
Biochemistry 15 Oct 2020
Advances in Cholinesterases
(Editors: Kamil Kuča, Marek Bajda, Namrata Singh, Eugenie Nepovimova)
Biomacromolecules 31 Mar 2020 2
Advances in Membrane Proteins
(Editor: Wylie Benjamin)
Biomacromolecules 31 Oct 2019
BCL-2 Family in Health and Diseases
(Editor: Germain Gillet)
Biomacromolecules 30 Apr 2020
Biomolecules and Cancer Prevention
(Editor: Shih-Min Hsia)
Biomacromolecules 30 Apr 2020
Lipid Metabolism in Health and Disease
(Editors: Elz̀bieta D. Skrzydlewska, Neven Zarkovic)
Biomacromolecules 20 Apr 2020
New Insights on Translational Machinery in Protein Synthesis and Beyond
(Editor: Byung Woo Han)
Biomacromolecules 15 Mar 2020 1
Non-Coding RNAs in Cancer Biology and Treatment
(Editor: Pei-Ming Yang)
Biomacromolecules 30 Apr 2020
Perspectives of Prostaglandins
(Editor: Donna M Slater)
Biomacromolecules 31 Mar 2020
Homocysteine: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Role in Disease
(Editors: Anton Hermann, Guzel F. Sitdikova)
Biological Factors 30 Jun 2020
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF): From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Significance and Drug Development
(Editor: Jody Jonathan Haigh)
Biological Factors 30 Jun 2020
Galectins: their Network and Roles in Infection/Immunity/Tumor Growth Control
(Editor: Toshio Hattori)
Molecular Pathology 31 Mar 2020
Matrix Metalloproteinases in Health and Disease
(Editor: Raffaele Serra)
Molecular Pathology 29 Feb 2020 1
Molecular Basis of Autoimmunity Diseases
(Editor: Song Guo Zheng)
Molecular Pathology 31 Dec 2019 4
Molecular Biomarkers In Cardiology
(Editor: Pietro Scicchitano)
Molecular Pathology 30 Apr 2020
Molecular Mechanisms of Lung Diseases
(Editor: Judit E. Pongracz)
Molecular Pathology 29 Feb 2020 1
Protein Kinases (PTKs) in Health and Diseases
(Editor: Tomas Obsil)
Molecular Pathology 31 May 2020
The Role of Semaphorins and other Neuropeptides in Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases
(Editors: Carlo Perricone, Fulvia Ceccarelli)
Molecular Pathology 31 Mar 2020
Toxic and Essential Metals in Human Health and Disease
(Editors: Valeria M Nurchi, Jan Aaseth)
Molecular Pathology 31 Mar 2020 1
Application of Biotechnological Techniques Aimed to Obtain Bioactive Compounds from Food Industry By-Products
(Editor: Jose Antonio Curiel)
Molecular Biology 31 Jul 2020
Biomolecules from Plant Residues
(Editors: Carmen Ancìn-Azpilicueta, Irene Esparza Catalán, Nerea Jiménez-Moreno)
Molecular Biology 31 May 2020
Biomolecules in Maternal–Embryo Communication in Implantation
(Editors: Alireza Fazeli, Bill Holt, Andres Salumets)
Molecular Biology 30 Jun 2020
Calcium Channel Function and Blockade for Better Neurological Health
(Editors: Phillip J. Tully, Rianne de Heus)
Molecular Biology 31 May 2020
Cell Death in Cancer and Inflammation: From Pathogenesis to Treatment
(Editors: Ivan Poon, Georgia Atkin-Smith, Rochelle Tixeira)
Molecular Biology 30 Jun 2020
DNA Damage Response
(Editors: Denis Kainov, Valentyn Oksenych)
Molecular Biology 30 Apr 2020
Ectoparasite Biogenic Components in the Modulation of Vector-host-pathogen Interactions
(Editor: José de la Fuente)
Molecular Biology 31 Dec 2020
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Diseases
(Editor: Han-Jung Chae)
Molecular Biology 30 Jun 2020
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate and Potential Therapy
(Editor: Dafna Benayahu)
Molecular Biology 31 Jul 2020
Microglia in Neurodegeneration
(Editor: Barbara Monti)
Molecular Biology 31 Oct 2020
Pathogenesis of Arthritis
(Editor: Alessandra Bitto)
Molecular Biology 30 Jun 2020
Phytochemical-Based Strategies and Approaches of Targeting STAT3 for Regulating Lipid Homeostasis in Cancer Microenvironment
(Editor: Jae-Young Um)
Molecular Biology 31 May 2020
Protein Phosphorylation in Cancer: Unraveling the Signaling Pathways
(Editor: Peter Coopman)
Molecular Biology 30 Jun 2020
Recent Advances in Proteoglycans
(Editor: Khaled A. Elsaid)
Molecular Biology 30 Jun 2020
2019 Feature Papers by Biomolecules’ Editorial Board Members
(Editor: Vladimir N. Uversky)
31 Dec 2019 7
AAA+ Proteins in Health and Disease: Structure, Physiological Function, and Mechanisms of Action
(Editors: David A. Dougan, Francis T. F. Tsai)
16 Dec 2019 1
Advanced Glycation End Products in Aging and Age-Related Diseases
(Editors: Bonghee Lee, Byoung Joon Song)
30 Apr 2020
Advances in Antibody Therapy of Cancer
(Editor: Junho Chung)
31 Dec 2019 2
Advances in Membrane Contact Sites and Lipid Transfer
(Editors: Jean-Marc Verbavatz, Alenka Copic, Mélina Heuzé)
30 Nov 2019
Advances in Molecular Biology of Action of Auxins
(Editors: Steffen Vanneste, Peter Grones)
31 Jan 2020 3
Advances in Parkinson's Disease Drugs
(Editors: Antonio Di Stefano, Lisa Marinelli)
30 Apr 2019 5
Advances in Understanding Adipokines in Metabolic Perturbations
(Editor: Andrea Bianco)
31 Mar 2020
Advances on Allergens Identification and Characterization
(Editors: Isabel Mafra, Linda Monaci, Joana Costa)
15 Jan 2020 1
Anticancer Platinum Drugs Update
(Editor: Giuliano Ciarimboli)
30 Jun 2019 4
Antifreeze Protein: New Insight from Different Approaches
(Editors: Hidemasa Kondo, Sakae Tsuda)
2 Jul 2019 9
Antimicrobial Peptides: Development, Conjugation, and Beyond
(Editor: Suzana K. Straus)
30 Jul 2018 6
Application and Mechanism of Natural Compounds in Dentistry
(Editor: Tzong-Ming Shieh)
31 Jul 2020
Application of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Research
(Editor: Ryuji Hamamoto)
15 Feb 2020 1
Aptamer-Based Biosensors
(Editor: Penmetcha Kumar)
10 Nov 2019
Arachidonic Acid Metabolites in Health and Disease
(Editors: Marta Casado, Paloma Martin Sanz)
28 Feb 2020
Archaea: Diversity, Metabolism and Molecular Biology
(Editor: Hannu Myllykallio)
20 May 2020
Artificial Enzymes
(Editor: Anca Pordea)
30 Nov 2019
Atherosclerosis and Related Diseases: Particular Focus on Molecular Biology
(Editors: Alexander N. Orekhov, Igor A. Sobenin)
29 Jun 2019 21
Bacterial RNA Polymerase
(Editors: Sivaramesh Wigneshweraraj, Deborah M. Hinton)
31 Jan 2015 9
Beta-Lactamases: Sequence, Structure, Function, and Inhibition
(Editor: Peter Oelschlaeger)
20 Feb 2020 3
Beyond Lipid Rafts and Caveolae: From Caveolae Compartmentalization of Signal Transduction to Medicine
(Editors: Shengwen Calvin Li, Massimo Sargiacomo, Jacques Couet, Eric Kübler)
15 Jun 2020 4
Bio-Inspired Antiproliferative Molecules for the Treatment of Protozoan and/or Cancer Diseases
(Editors: Anna Sparatore, Ivan Bassanini)
31 May 2020
Bioactive Lipids in Health and Disease
(Editors: Natalia Battista, Monica Bari, Tiziana Bisogno)
15 Oct 2019 3
Bioactives from Marine Products
(Editor: Jun Lu)
31 Dec 2019 6
Biogenic Polyamines and Related Metabolites
(Editors: Alexander Ivanov, Alex Khomutov)
1 Feb 2020
Biology, Biotechnology and Bioprospecting of Microbial Biomolecules
(Editors: Vijai Kumar Gupta, K. S. Rangappa, Marc Stadler, P. K. Mishra, Roberto Nascimento Silva, D. P. Singh)
31 Oct 2019 13
Biomolecular Electronics
(Editor: Stuart Lindsay)
30 Aug 2019 4
Biomolecules for Translational Approaches in Cardiology
(Editors: Mahir Karakas, Tanja Zeller)
28 Feb 2019 26
Biomolecules: Insights from Single Molecule, Single Cell, and Systems Biology Perspectives
(Editors: Prakash Kulkarni, Vladimir N. Uversky)
30 Oct 2018 7
Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Their Metabolites in Health and Disease
(Editor: Milan Holeček)
8 Jan 2020 1
Cancer and Glycosylation
(Editor: Franz-Georg Hanisch)
31 Mar 2016 6
Carbohydrate Polymers: Science and Applications
(Editor: Vijay Kumar Thakur)
1 Aug 2019 7
Celebrating the First Impact Factor of Biomolecules
(Editor: Vladimir N. Uversky)
31 Dec 2019 1
Cell Penetrating Peptides
(Editor: Jean-Philippe Pellois)
15 Jun 2018 6
Cell Type- and Context-Specific Roles and Regulation of Notch Signaling
(Editor: Hamed Jafar-Nejad)
31 Dec 2019 2
Cell-Free Approaches and Therapeutic Biomolecules for Cardiac Regeneration
(Editor: Mariann Gyöngyösi)
15 Feb 2020
Cellular Membrane Domains and Organization
(Editors: Nadège Jamin, Stéphane Orlowski)
30 Jul 2018 11
Challenges in Glycan, Glycoprotein and Proteoglycan Research
(Editor: Hans Vliegenthart)
31 May 2015 27
Connecting the Bone with Other Organs: A Reciprocal Cross-Talk
(Editors: Nadia Rucci, Bram van der Eerden)
31 Dec 2019
Connexins, Innexins, and Pannexins: From Biology towards Clinical Targets
(Editor: Trond Aasen)
31 Jan 2020 1
Contemporary Developments in Catecholamine Biology: From Molecule to Function
(Editor: Jennifer K. Stewart)
15 Dec 2019
Cytoskeleton and Regulation of Mitosis
(Editors: Marin Barisic, Jorge Ferreira)
30 Nov 2018 11
Deciphering alternative functions of the INK4a/ARF locus
(Editor: Maria Vivo)
31 Mar 2020
DNA Damage Response
(Editors: Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Thomas Helleday, Fumio Hanaoka)
30 Jun 2015 33
DNA Methylation and Cancer
(Editors: Gerda Egger, Melanie R. Hassler)
30 Aug 2016 7
Effects of Biomolecules on Ice Nucleation
(Editor: Peter Wilson)
30 Apr 2020
Emerging Role of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in Cellular Signaling
(Editors: Hideyuki J. Majima, Ken Itoh)
6 Dec 2019 1
Enzymes and Their Biotechnological Applications Printed Edition available
(Editor: Pabulo H. Rampelotto)
30 Jun 2013 21
Eosinophilic Inflammation
(Editors: Akira Kanda, David Dombrowicz)
31 Mar 2020 1
Epigenetics in Cancer
(Editor: Ryuji Hamamoto)
30 Jun 2020 1
Evaluation and formulation of Bioactive Terpenes
(Editors: Valdir Florencio Da Veiga Junior, Ádley Antonini Neves de Lima, Letícia Scherer Koester)
31 Mar 2019 7
Evolutionary and Molecular Aspects of Plastid Endosymbioses
(Editors: Miroslav Oborník, Zoltán Füssy)
30 Sep 2019 5
Evolving Functional Features of Peptidyl-Prolyl cis-trans Isomerases (PPIases) in Mono-Cellular versus Multi-Cellular Organisms
(Editor: Andrzej Galat)
30 Oct 2018 10
Exploring the Mechanisms by which α-Synuclein Kills Cells in Parkinson Disease
(Editor: Stephan N. Witt)
15 Mar 2015 14
Extracellular Matrix as Determinant for Tumor Cell Resistance
(Editors: Gerd Bendas, Martin Schlesinger)
31 Oct 2019
Feature Papers
(Editor: Jürg Bähler)
31 Dec 2011 12
Focus Update in Biomolecules
(Editor: Jürg Bähler)
30 Dec 2013 6
Function and Structure of RNase P in Fungi, Bacteria and Human Cells
(Editor: Denis Drainas)
31 Jan 2016 6
Functional Amyloids
(Editors: Margaret Sunde, Matthew Chapman, Daniel Otzen, Sarah Perrett)
15 May 2017 16
Genetics of Cardiovascular Disorders
(Editor: Maliha Zahid)
1 Nov 2019 2
H2S, Polysulfides, and Enzymes: Physiological and Pathological Aspects
(Editors: Noriyuki Nagahara, Maria Wrobel)
31 Dec 2019
Hormonal Regulation of Neurogenesis in Adults
(Editors: Elizabeth D. Kirby, Erica R. Glasper)
31 Oct 2019
(Editor: Rhodri Ceredig)
31 Oct 2014 6
In Silico Studies via Big Data for Revealing Plant Signaling
(Editors: Jen-Tsung Chen, Parviz Heidari)
31 Aug 2020
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Chronic Diseases
(Editors: Prakash Kulkarni, Vladimir N. Uversky)
1 Mar 2019 13
Knotted Biomolecules
(Editor: Patricia A. Jennings)
30 Aug 2019
Lateral Segregation of Molecular Components Enhances Functionality of Biological Membranes
(Editor: Jan Malínský)
30 Jun 2020
Leptin and Beyond: Actors in Cancer
(Editors: Ines Barone, Cinzia Giordano)
15 Apr 2020
Lignocellulosic Biomass Catalysis
(Editors: Aurore Richel, Chiaki Ogino)
1 Nov 2019 1
(Editors: Harald C. Köfeler, Gerald N. Rechberger)
31 Oct 2018 11
Lipids of Marine Algae
(Editors: Rosário Domingues, Ricardo Calado)
30 Dec 2019 1
Lysyl Oxidases: Novel Roles in Disease and Therapeutic Opportunities
(Editor: Katalin Csiszar, Ph.D.)
31 Oct 2019 1
Machine Learning for Molecular Modelling in Drug Design
(Editor: Pedro J. Ballester)
25 Sep 2018 6
Macromolecular Phase Transitions in Human Physiology and Pathology
(Editors: Josephine C. Ferreon, Rajan Lamichhane, Allan Chris M. Ferreon)
30 Jun 2020
Mammalian Ceramide Synthases: Function and Perspectives
(Editor: Natalia I. Krupenko )
31 Aug 2019
Mechanisms of Cell Death in Disease: A New Therapeutic Opportunity
(Editors: Miguel Saceda Sanchez, Pilar Garcia-Morales)
25 Sep 2019 2
Metabolism and Molecular Stability in Extremophiles
(Editor: Juan M. Gonzalez)
1 Sep 2019
Metal Binding Proteins
(Editor: Eugene A. Permyakov)
31 Jan 2014 12
Metal Ion Interactions with Neurotrophins
(Editor: Vincenzo Giuseppe Nicoletti)
20 Jun 2020
microRNA Biomarkers in Clinical Study
(Editors: Yi-Hau Chen, Hsiuying Wang)
31 May 2020
Mitochondrial Diseases
(Editor: Josephine S. Modica-Napolitano)
15 Jun 2019 6
Molecular Mechanisms of Stress in Autoimmunity and Psychiatric Disorders
(Editors: Alon Monsonego, Amit Bar-Or)
25 Sep 2019
Moving Forward with Dendrimers: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Donald A. Tomalia on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
(Editor: Zofia Urbanczyk-Lipkowska)
31 Jul 2019 13
Multidrug Combinations
(Editor: Nuno Vale)
23 Jul 2019 9
Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy
(Editor: Helen Townley)
31 May 2019 9
Natural Products and Bionanotechnology for Cancer and Disease Treatment
(Editors: Xingcai Zhang, Feng Liang, Wei Zhang)
30 Aug 2019 7
Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) Formation: Mechanism, Disease and Drugs
(Editors: Nades Palaniyar, Hans-Uwe Simon, Victor Nizet)
31 Dec 2019 4
New Approaches for the Discovery of Pharmacologically-Active Natural Compounds Printed Edition available
(Editor: José L. Medina-Franco)
1 Dec 2018 10
New Insights on ADAMTS Proteases in Health
(Editor: Alister C. Ward)
31 Jan 2020
New Molecules: Towards the Drugs of the Future - Selected Papers from JMMC 2019
(Editors: Martin Krátký, Jan Zitko, Radim Nencka)
15 Dec 2019 5
New Trends in Manipulation of Living Cells Behaviour
(Editor: Oleg Lunov)
30 Apr 2020
Nodal Signaling Proteins: Reemergence in Cancer and Biological Role
(Editor: Luigi Strizzi)
1 Nov 2019
Novel Approaches in Biomolecule Labeling
(Editors: Cyrille Sabot, Péter Kele)
31 Jan 2020
Obesity and Hormones
(Editor: Srinivas Nammi)
30 Jun 2019 6
Osmolyte System and Neurodegeneration: From Physiology to Therapeutics
(Editors: Safikur Rahman, Laishram Rajendrakumar Singh, Tanveer Ali Dar)
1 Mar 2020 1
Oxidative Damage on Biomolecules and Antioxidants
(Editors: Hafize Uzun, Karolin Yanar, Pınar Atukeren)
16 Nov 2019 5
Oxidative Stress and Oxygen Radicals Printed Edition available
(Editors: Michael Breitenbach, Peter Eckl)
31 Dec 2014 17
Perspectives on Bacterial Flagellar Motor
(Editors: Tohru Minamino, Keiichi Namba)
31 Mar 2020 2
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase, a Field in Transition
(Editor: Peter K. Vogt)
30 Jun 2019 10
Photobiomodulation for Parkinson's Disease
(Editor: John Mitrofanis)
6 Dec 2019 2
Physiological Functions of Stabilin Receptors
(Editor: Edward N. Harris)
31 Aug 2019 4
Phytochemical Constituents of Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation
(Editor: Ki Sung Kang)
30 Apr 2020 2
Plant-based green synthesis of nanoparticles: production, characterization and applications
(Editors: Christophe Hano, Bilal Haider Abbasi)
31 Dec 2020 1
Plant-Derived Natural Compounds in the Management of Cancer: Significance and Challenges
(Editors: Dietrich Büsselberg, Samson Mathews Samuel, Peter Kubatka)
31 Dec 2019 2
Plant-Food-Derived Bioactive Molecules on Human Longevity and Disease Prevention
(Editors: Natália Martins, Javad Sharifi-Rad, Bahare Salehi, William N. Setzer)
25 Sep 2019 16
Plasma Membrane Lipid Domains As a Favorable Environment for Protein:Lipid Interactions?
(Editor: Donatienne Tyteca)
4 Oct 2019 7
Polyamines in the Central Nervous System: Neurons, Glial Cells and Diseases
(Editors: Serguei Skatchkov, Rüdiger W. Veh)
30 Nov 2019
Polylactide: Blends, Composites and Nanocomposites
(Editor: Luigi Botta)
31 May 2020
Prion Diseases: A Model for Neurodegenerative Disorders
(Editor: Sabine Gilch)
1 Jun 2020
Proteasomes and Its Regulators
(Editors: Olivier Coux, Michael H. Glickman)
31 Mar 2014 17
Protein Folding and Misfolding
(Editor: Alexei Finkelstein)
27 Dec 2013 22
Protein Folding and Quality Control Mechanisms - In Memory of Prof. Oleg B. Ptitsyn (1929-1999)
(Editor: Alexei Finkelstein)
30 Nov 2019 5
Protein SUMOylation
(Editor: Seth Blackshaw)
28 Feb 2012 8
Recent Advance of Actinomycetes
(Editor: Eung-Soo Kim)
31 Mar 2020 1
Recent Advance of Melanoma
(Editor: Iris Helfrich)
30 May 2020
Recent Advance of Melatonin
(Editor: Yonggeun Hong)
30 Apr 2020
Recent Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy
(Editor: Kenichi Suda)
31 Mar 2020 1
Redox Regulation of Protein Functioning
(Editor: Andrey Zamyatnin)
15 Feb 2020 1
Relevant Biomolecules for Germ Cells and Fertilization
(Editors: Vanesa Robles, Marta F. Riesco, David G. Valcarce)
15 Feb 2020 4
Retinoids in Embryonic Development
(Editors: Michael Schubert, Yann Gibert)
15 Oct 2019 4
Ribonucleoprotein Particles (RNPs): From Structure to Function
(Editors: Pavel Ivanov, Niels H. Gehring)
15 Mar 2020
RNA Trafficking and Local Translation in Neuronal Health and Disease
(Editor: Nobuyuki Shiina)
16 Dec 2019 1
RNA-Binding Proteins—Structure, Function, Networks and Disease
(Editor: André P. Gerber)
31 Mar 2015 22
Role and Regulation of Glutamate Metabolism
(Editor: Kenneth E. Miller)
31 Aug 2015 6
Role of Lactoferrin in Metabolic Diseases
(Editor: José María Moreno-Navarrete)
30 Apr 2020
Role of the Gut Microbiota in Immunity and Inflammatory Diseases
(Editors: Robert Jan Brummer, Orla O’Sullivan)
31 Mar 2020 1
Roles of Sirtuins in Cancer
(Editor: WenYong Chen)
2 Sep 2019
rRNA Biology
(Editor: Jean-Jacques Diaz)
31 Aug 2018 6
Self-Assembling Peptides
(Editor: Carlos Semino)
23 Dec 2019
Sphingolipids and Bioactive Lipids
(Editors: Yusuf A. Hannun, Cungui Mao, Chiara Luberto)
31 May 2013 7
Structure and Function of Antimicrobial Peptides
(Editors: Kornelius Zeth, Håvard Jenssen, Enea Sancho-Vaello)
28 Oct 2019 3
Systems Genomics Approaches for Understanding Multi-omics Data
(Editors: Prashanth N Suravajhala, Alexey Golstov)
1 Sep 2019 2
Tau Protein and Alzheimer’s disease
(Editors: Claude M. Wischik, Charles Harrington)
31 Oct 2015 8
TGF-Beta Signaling in Physiology and Pathology
(Editors: Marie-José Goumans, Gonzalo Sánchez-Duffhues)
15 Feb 2020 2
The Broader Cellular Impact of Proteasome-CSN-eIf3 (PCI) Complexes
(Editors: Tommer Ravid, Michael Glickman)
16 Jun 2019 12
The Potential Role of Astrocytes in Memory and Learning Processes
(Editor: Marta Navarrete Llinás)
15 Sep 2019
Therapeutic Significance of Heme Oxygenase Induction or Inhibition
(Editors: Luca Vanella, Marco Raffaele)
1 Feb 2020
TOR Signaling Pathway
(Editors: Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Ted Powers)
31 May 2017 11
Trafficking of Cardiac Ion Channels – Mechanisms and Alterations Leading to Disease
(Editor: Marcel Verges)
31 Mar 2020 2
Transcriptional Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Genes
(Editor: Ivana Vancurova)
30 Apr 2015 15
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