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Microbiology is a section in Life that publishes original research articles, reviews, short communications, and clinical case reports within a scope that encompasses the entire spectrum of the microbial world, from basic to applied microbiology. Life covers all microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotic microbes (algae, protozoa, and fungi).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Antimicrobials;
  • Agricultural microbiology;
  • Biomining and bioremediation;
  • Clinical microbiology;
  • Environmental microbiology;
  • Food microbiology;
  • Geomicrobiology;
  • Host–microbe interaction;
  • Industrial microbiology;
  • Marine microbiology;
  • Microbial biochemistry;
  • Microbial biofilms;
  • Microbial biofuel and bioenergy;
  • Microbial biotechnology;
  • Microbial ecology;
  • Microbial evolution;
  • Microbial genetics ;
  • Microbial metabolism;
  • Microbial omics;
  • Microbial pathogenesis;
  • Microbial physiology;
  • Microbial symbioses;
  • Pharmaceutical microbiology;
  • Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics;
  • Space microbiology;
  • Systems microbiology;
  • Terrestrial microbiology;
  • Veterinary microbiology.

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