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Advances in Forensic Entomology
(Editors: David Rivers, John R. Wallace)
15 Feb 2017 9
Advances in Mosquito Biology to Improve Mosquito-Borne Disease Control
(Editor: Walter J. Tabachnick)
15 Sep 2016 11
Alternatives to Chemical Control of Stored-Product Insects
(Editors: Vincenzo Palmeri, Christos G. Athanassiou, Nickolas G. Kavallieratos, Orlando Campolo)
30 Jun 2016 9
Ants as Partners and Hosts
(Editors: Donato Antonio Grasso, Claire Detrain)
31 Aug 2019
Arthropod Education
(Editors: Ron Wagler, Doug Golick)
31 Dec 2017 7
Arthropod Pest Control in Orchards and Vineyards
(Editors: Alberto Pozzebon, Carlo Duso, Gregory M. Loeb, Geoff M. Gurr)
31 Jul 2017 17
Augmentative Biological Control Using Parasitoids for Fruit Fly Management
(Editor: Olivia L. Reynolds)
31 May 2012 10
Bed Bugs: An Emerging Pandemic
(Editor: Susan C. Jones)
1 Feb 2011 10
Bees and Their Symbionts
(Editors: Kirk E. Anderson, Quinn S. McFrederick)
30 Dec 2019
Biological Control of Invertebrate Pests
(Editors: Andrew G. S. Cuthbertson, Eric W. Riddick)
15 Aug 2016 18
Biological Control of Plant Pests in Protected Culture
(Editor: Eric W. Riddick)
28 Feb 2019
Biology of Social Insect Diseases
(Editors: Silvio Erler, Simon Tragust)
31 Jul 2019 1
Butterfly Conservation
(Editor: Jaret C. Daniels)
31 Mar 2017 9
Butterfly Ecology and Conservation
(Editor: David G. James)
31 Aug 2018 9
Chemical Ecology
(Editor: Astrid Eben)
30 Sep 2018 9
Cutting-Edge Evolution of Insects: Factors Governing Ecological Divergence of Natural Populations Assessed Using Molecular and Genetic Markers
(Editors: Hugh Loxdale, Astrid T. Groot, David G. Biron)
31 Jul 2019
Development of Botanical Insecticides and Their Application
(Editors: Murray B Isman , Philip C Stevenson)
31 Dec 2018 2
Diversity and Ecosystem Services of Aquatic Insects
(Editors: John C. Morse, Peter H. Adler)
1 Feb 2019 2
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Drosophila
(Editor: Mark Asplen)
31 Aug 2019
Ecology and Management of Forest Insects in a Changing World
(Editors: Daniel A. Herms, Kenneth F. Raffa, Kayla I. Perry)
30 Sep 2019 3
Ecology and Pest Management of Sugarcane Insects
(Editors: Thomas E. Reagan, Des Conlong)
31 Oct 2018
Ecology of Termites
(Editor: Judith Korb)
30 Nov 2018 10
Edible Insects—Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security
(Editors: Kerry Wilkinson, Heather Bray)
15 May 2017 6
Elucidating the Role of Soil Arthropods in Soil Health
(Editors: Kyle Wickings, Katalin Szlavecz)
31 Aug 2019
Environmental Physiology in Insects: Eco-Physiology in Lower and/or Higher Temperature Tolerances in Insects
(Editors: Tetsuo Harada, Shiro Nakao)
1 Oct 2018 8
Feature Papers 2012
(Editor: Brian T. Forschler)
31 Oct 2012 8
Feature Papers 2013
(Editor: Brian T. Forschler)
31 Aug 2013 7
Habitat Management in Agroecosystems
(Editors: Zsofia Szendrei, Amanda Buchanan)
31 May 2017 7
Honey Bee
(Editor: Christina M. Grozinger)
15 Sep 2012 11
Honey Bee Behavior
(Editor: Elizabeth Capaldi Evans)
31 Oct 2013 8
Honey Bee Research in the US: Current State andSolutions to Beekeeping Problems
(Editors: Mike Simone-Finstrom, Margarita M. López-Uribe)
31 Aug 2018 14
Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior
(Editors: Randolf Menzel , Martin Giurfa, Jean-Christophe Sandoz )
1 Sep 2019
Impact of Introduced Plants on Insects
(Editors: Douglas W. Tallamy, Susannah B. Lerman)
30 Apr 2019
Importance of Phoretic Mites and Nematodes in Community Interactions Involving Insects
(Editor: Richard Hofstetter)
1 Sep 2019 1
Improving Stored Product Insect Pest Management
(Editors: David W. Hagstrum, Christos G. Athanassiou)
31 Mar 2019 3
Insect Conservation and Diversity
(Editor: Jaret C. Daniels)
30 Sep 2013 5
Insect Immunity
(Editor: Brian P. Lazzaro)
31 Mar 2012 11
Insect Immunity and Pathology
(Editors: Jose L. Ramirez, Ana Beatriz Barletta Ferreira, Thiago Luiz Alves da Silva)
31 May 2019 2
Insect Monitoring and Trapping in Agricultural Systems
(Editors: Andrew G. S. Cuthbertson, Archie K. Murchie)
15 Sep 2018 20
Insect Pathology
(Editor: Drion G. Boucias)
15 May 2013 17
Insect Population Dynamics: Theory & Practice
(Editor: John E. Banks)
30 Sep 2018 7
Insect-Plant Interactions
(Editor: Paul A. Weston)
31 Jan 2018 13
Integrated Pest Management
(Editors: Michael J. Stout, Jeff Davis, Rodrigo Diaz, Julien M. Beuzelin)
15 Jan 2018 35
Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Horticultural Crops
(Editor: Rosemary Collier)
30 Jun 2019
Integrative Mosquito Biology: From Molecules to Ecosystems
(Editors: Peter Piermarini, Chloe Lahondere, Clement Vinauger)
31 Jan 2019 24
Interactions Among Threats to Honeybee Health
(Editors: Steven Cook, Jay Daniel Evans)
20 Oct 2016 9
Invasive Insect Species
(Editor: Mary L. Cornelius)
15 Nov 2016 10
Invasive Insect Species Modelling and Control
(Editor: Dean Ronald Paini)
15 Dec 2018 7
Management of Wood-Attacking Insects
(Editors: Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Wakako Ohmura, Vernard Lewis, Ryutaro Iwata)
30 Apr 2016 7
Mechanisms of Nutritional Resource Exploitation by Insects
(Editors: Sara Diana Leonhardt, Mathieu Lihoreau, Johannes Spaethe)
31 Aug 2019
Mechanisms Underlying Transmission of Insect Pathogens
(Editors: Monique M. Van Oers, Jørgen Eilenberg)
30 Apr 2018 11
Monitoring and Detection of Insect Resistance
(Editors: Katarina M. Mikac, Renata Bažok, Darija Lemic)
30 Nov 2019
Mosquito – Arbovirus Interactions in Honor of Professor Walter J. Tabachnick
(Editors: Chelsea T. Smartt, Lyric Bartholomay, Stephanie L. Richards)
15 Dec 2018 8
Mosquito Control
(Editor: C. Roxanne Connelly)
30 Nov 2014 5
Parasite-Insect Interactions
(Editors: Kenneth Wilson, Fleur Ponton, Sheena Cotter)
30 Nov 2017 13
Pest Control and Management
(Editor: Timothy J. Gibb)
15 Aug 2012 11
Pest Control in Fruit Trees
(Editors: Claudio Ioriatti, Arthur Agnello)
31 May 2019 3
Pest Control in Glasshouses
(Editor: Andrew G. S. Cuthbertson)
28 Feb 2015 9
Pest Management in Sustainable Farming Systems
(Editor: Finbarr Horgan)
31 Jul 2019
Pheromones and Insect Behaviour
(Editor: Joachim Ruther)
31 Mar 2014 16
Phylogeographic Syntheses
(Editor: Ryan C. Garrick)
15 Apr 2011 12
Polar Entomology
(Editors: Peter Convey, Scott Hayward, Toke Hoye, Ian Hogg, Steve Coulson)
1 Dec 2019
Semiochemicals and Insect Behavior
(Editor: François Verheggen)
30 Jun 2019 1
Stressors on Bee Health
(Editors: John J. Adamczyk, Jr., PhD., William Meikle, PhD.)
1 Sep 2018 3
Symbiosis: A Source of Evolutionary Innovation in Insects
(Editor: Diana Six)
31 Oct 2011 15
Termite Management and Control - Special Issue Dedicated in Memory of Dr. Kunio Tsunoda
(Editor: Brian T. Forschler)
15 Sep 2011 12
The Diversity and Ecological Functioning of Arthropods in Urban Habitats
(Editors: Gábor L. Lövei, Tibor Magura)
30 Apr 2019
The Insect Response against Entomopathogenic Nematodes
(Editors: Ulrich Theopold, Pavel Hyrsl)
15 Dec 2019
The Interactions between Plant Bacterial Pathogens and Their Insect Vectors
(Editor: Nabil Killiny)
31 Jul 2019
The Study of Insect Movement and Foraging Strategies
(Editors: Xavier Martini, Alberto Fereres, Jean-Louis Hemptinne)
30 Jun 2019
Tick Surveillance and Tick-borne Diseases
(Editors: Samantha M. Wisely, Gregory Glass)
31 May 2019
Urban Pest Management
(Editors: Changlu Wang, Chow-Yang Lee)
30 Jun 2017 11
Urban Small Farms and Gardens Pest Management
(Editor: Mary L. Cornelius)
30 Apr 2019
Vector Biology and Ecology
(Editors: Sally Paulson, Gillian Eastwood)
31 May 2019
Vector-Microbe Interactions
(Editors: Rita Rio, Timothy Driscoll)
31 Aug 2019
Vectors and Vector-borne Diseases
(Editors: Corey Brelsfoard, Monika Gulia-Nuss, Jason Pitts)
31 Aug 2019
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