Insect Ecology, Diversity and Conservation

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The section “Insect Ecology, Diversity and Conservation” focuses on the ecology, diversity (both taxonomic and functional) and conservation of insects. Most of the global species richness is made up by insects, with the majority of them having not yet been described. There are even larger knowledge gaps about their life histories (the so-called Hutchinsonian shortfall), distribution (Wallacean shortfall), and trophic relations (Eltonian shortfall), and the section is devoted to narrowing these knowledge gaps. We welcome manuscripts about all the above aspects of arthropod (not only insect) life history, dynamics of distribution, ecology, diversity and conservation. Manuscripts with a taxonomic focus or those dealing with pest management should be directed to the appropriate sections, but studies performed in cultivated habitats will be considered if they fall into the above categories.


  • dynamics of distribution, esp. invasions;
  • interactions of insects with other organisms: predation, parasitism, commensalism, symbiosis;
  • the conservation of insects;
  • the management of habitats to conserve insects;
  • ecosystem services provided by insects.

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