Insect Molecular Biology and Genomics

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The section “Insect Molecular Biology and Genomics” is focused on new insights into insect biology from studies employing molecular sequence data, from genes up to genomes. The emphasis is on advances in our understanding of the molecular functions of the full spectrum of genomic elements, including protein-coding genes, noncoding RNA genes, transposable elements, and regulatory elements. The tools used to learn about biological functions range from transcriptomics to RNA interference, population genetics, and other molecular biology and genomics techniques aiming to characterise insect genes and genomes. Manuscripts with more of an emphasis on understanding the evolutionary histories of species, even if using genomics data, would be better suited to the section Insect Systematics, Phylogeny and Evolution.


  • genes and gene families
  • gene expression and function
  • functional genomics and proteomics
  • protein function, localisation, and interactions

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