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Advances in Flood Early Warning: Ensemble Forecast, Information Dissemination and Decision-Support Systems
(Editors: Haiyun Shi, Erhu Du, Suning Liu, Kwok-Wing Chau)
30 Jun 2019
Advances in Integrated Watershed Modeling: Emerging Water Issues under Changing Land Use and Climate
(Editors: Aleksey Y. Sheshukov, Haw Yen, Latif Kalin, Laurent Ahiablame)
31 Mar 2019 4
Advances in Large Scale Flood Monitoring and Detection
(Editors: Salvatore Manfreda, Caterina Samela, Alberto Refice, Valerio Tramutoli, Fernando Nardi)
30 Jun 2018 10
Catchments Hydrology and Sediment Dynamics: Concepts, Measuring and Modelling
(Editor: Alessio Radice)
31 Dec 2018 7
Climatic Change Impact on Hydrology
(Editors: Ali Assani , Christophe Kinnard , Mhamed Mesfioui)
30 Jun 2018 13
Floods and Landslide Prediction
(Editors: Angelica Tarpanelli, Luca Brocca, Mauro Rossi)
31 Oct 2016 8
Future of Hydrology
(Editor: Bellie Sivakumar)
31 Oct 2019
Groundwater Flow
(Editor: Abdon Atangana)
28 Feb 2017 8
Hydrological Modeling: Beyond Runoff Calibration
(Editor: Luca Brocca)
30 Sep 2015 6
Rainfall Simulators as a tool in Soil Science, Geomorphology and Hydrology research and teaching
(Editors: Thomas Iserloh, Artemi Cerdà, Wolfgang Fister, Saskia Keesstra)
30 Sep 2016 10
Rainfall-Induced Landslides Hazard
(Editor: Clemente Irigaray)
30 Apr 2019
Snow Hydrology
(Editors: Juraj Parajka, Cécile Ménard, Ladislav Holko)
31 May 2016 6
Snow Hydrology: Monitoring and Modelling
(Editors: José-Ignacio López-Moreno, Simon Gascoin, Steven Fassnacht)
1 Sep 2019
Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Its Effects
(Editors: Alanna L. Lecher, Karen Knee, Kimberly Null)
31 Jan 2019 4
Water Quality Monitoring in Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs: Novel Methods and Applications
(Editor: Gustavious Paul Williams)
30 Sep 2018 6
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