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Mobile Health Care with Smart Technology Applications
(Editors: Katsuhiro Honda, Tin-Chih Toly Chen, Min-Chi Chiu)
TeleHealth and Digital Healthcare 15 Mar 2020 1
Advances, Caveats And Conundrums in Diabetes
(Editor: Ioannis Ilias)
15 Mar 2020
Ageing with Chronic Disease and Disability
(Editor: Susanne Iwarsson)
30 Jun 2017 10
Aging, Chronic Disease, and the Impact of Long Term Care
(Editor: Carol Fox)
15 May 2019 5
Artificial Nutrition in Cancer Patients
(Editor: Paolo Cotogni)
20 Jun 2020
Asphyxia and Resuscitation in Neonates
(Editor: Georg M. Schmölzer)
30 Nov 2019
Care of People Living with Dementia
(Editor: Sampath Parthasarathy)
31 Dec 2018 9
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Updates in Lung Health
(Editors: Andrew Harver, Roy A. Pleasants II)
31 Dec 2018 9
Creating Age-friendly Communities: Housing and Technology
(Editors: Joost van Hoof, Hannah R. Marston, Katie Brittain, Helen Barrie)
15 Aug 2019 11
Dental Care
(Editors: Chun Hung Chu, Duangporn Duangthip )
15 Dec 2018 5
Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD): Implications for Health Policy and Health Promotion
(Editor: Lawrence Wallack)
30 May 2016 10
Diagnosis and Treatment for Gynecologic Cancers
(Editor: Masafumi Koshiyama)
31 Aug 2019 6
Diet Quality
(Editors: Christopher Gardner, Jennifer Hartle)
1 Aug 2016 6
Dietary Management of Obesity
(Editor: Margaret Allman-Farinelli)
31 May 2018 7
Epilepsy Surgery
(Editor: Gholam K. Motamedi)
31 Aug 2019
Ethics, Health, and Natural Resources
(Editor: Sampath Parthasarathy)
28 Feb 2016 7
Feature Papers in Healthcare in 2018
(Editor: Sampath Parthasarathy)
15 May 2018 18
Feature Papers in Healthcare in 2019
(Editor: Sampath Parthasarathy)
15 Sep 2019 11
Genetics of Metabolic Bone Diseases
(Editor: Jose M. Moran)
31 Oct 2019
Health Effects of Race, Gender, Class, and Place: Complexities and Heterogeneities
(Editor: Shervin Assari)
30 Nov 2017 12
Health Psychology in Healthcare Settings
(Editor: Helen Pattison)
31 Oct 2015 10
Heart Disease in Cancer Patients and Cancer in Patients with Heart Disease: How to Manage This Double Problem?
(Editor: Wilhelm Mistiaen)
15 Apr 2020
Holistic Needs of Those Living with and beyond Breast Cancer
(Editors: Joanne Reid, Helen Noble)
30 Jun 2016 12
Humanities and Healthcare
(Editors: Helen Noble, Ian Walsh)
31 Jan 2018 10
Implementation of Public Health Genomics
(Editors: Bellcross PhD, MS, CGC, Duquette MS, CGC)
30 Aug 2015 11
Innovations in Measuring and Improving Patient Care Experiences
(Editor: Hector P. Rodriguez)
30 Apr 2015 5
Insights into Stroke Care
(Editor: Dominique Cadilhac)
30 Jul 2020
Low Back Pain: Recent Advances And Perspectives Printed Edition available
(Editor: Robert J. Gatchel)
28 Feb 2016 18
Lyme Disease and Related Tickborne Infections
(Editor: Raphael B. Stricker)
30 Sep 2019 7
Lyme Disease: The Role of Big Data, Companion Diagnostics and Precision Medicine
(Editor: Raphael B. Stricker)
30 Jun 2018 11
Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
(Editor: Bhik T. Kotecha)
30 Jun 2019 3
Melanoma and Neoplasms of Skin
(Editor: Robert Loewe)
30 Sep 2013 6
Military Mental Health
(Editors: Dominic M. Murphy, Walter Busuttil)
31 Jul 2019 3
N-of-1 Trials in Healthcare
(Editors: Jane Nikles, Suzanne McDonald)
31 Aug 2019 1
Nursing Care of the Older Adult
(Editors: Tracey L. Yap, Melissa Batchelor-Murphy)
30 Jun 2015 17
Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease
(Editors: Clare Collins, Louisa J. Ells, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Megan Rollo)
30 Nov 2016 8
Occupational Health Issues in the New Millennium
(Editors: Peter A. Leggat, Derek R. Smith)
30 Jul 2016 12
Palliative Care in Renal Disease
(Editors: Joanne Reid, Clare McKeaveney)
15 Sep 2019
Patient and Staff Experience: An Exploration of Factors Contributing to Quality, Safety and Sound Governance
(Editors: Wilfred McSherry, Robert McSherry, Paddy Pearce)
30 Aug 2019 9
Population Health Management
(Editor: Sampath Parthasarathy)
15 Apr 2018 6
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Veterans
(Editors: Dominic M. Murphy, Walter Busuttil, David Turgoose)
30 Jun 2018 7
Precision Public Health and Genomic Medicine
(Editors: Rahm, PhD, MS, LGC, Sturm, MS, LGC, Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH)
30 May 2018 7
Radiotherapy and Cancer
(Editor: Andrew Hartley)
30 Jun 2019 1
Rational Use of Medicines in Children
(Editor: Imti Choonara)
28 Feb 2019 5
Recent Advances in Palliative Care
(Editors: Joanne Reid, Helen Noble)
15 Dec 2018 11
Rural and Remote Nursing
(Editor: Mary Ellen Andrews)
15 May 2018 6
Social Determinants of Health: Differential Exposures vs Differential Effects
(Editor: Shervin Assari)
15 Sep 2018 7
Stress and Health: Understanding the Effects and Examining Interventions
(Editor: Alyx Taylor)
1 Jul 2020
Supporting Emotional Well-Being and Psychological Health Outcomes in Young People with Long-Term Health Needs
(Editors: Deborah Christie, Gail Dovey-Pearce)
31 Jul 2017 8
Supportive and Palliative Care in Renal Disease
(Editor: Helen Noble)
30 Nov 2015 5
Telemedicine, Telehealth and e-Health: New Frontiers in Medical Practice
(Editors: Ronald S. Weinstein, Elizabeth A. Krupinski)
31 Dec 2013 7
The Close Relationship: Health and Nutrition
(Editors: Samir Samman, Ian Darnton-Hill AO)
15 Mar 2015 23
The Outcome of Sepsis
(Editor: Krzysztof Laudanski)
31 Oct 2018 8
The Socio-Economic Impact of End Stage Kidney Disease
(Editors: Joanne Reid, Helen Noble)
30 Jun 2017 8
Water Quality and Public Health
(Editors: Yung-Tse Hung, Mario GR Cora-Hernandez, Hamed Majidzadeh)
15 Dec 2018 6
Wound Care Printed Edition available
(Editor: Zena Moore)
30 Apr 2015 18
Youth Violence Prevention
(Editor: Jeffrey R. Sprague)
30 Apr 2020
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