Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 297 Articles

Prof. Dr. Tin-Chih Toly Chen  

Chronic Care 485 Articles

Community Care 215 Articles

Prof. Dr. Robbert Gobbens  

Coronaviruses (CoV) and COVID-19 Pandemic 681 Articles

Dr. Christian Napoli  

Critical Care 117 Articles

Prof. Dr. Andre van Zundert  

Environmental Factors and Global Health 241 Articles

Prof. Dr. Nandu Goswami  

Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 421 Articles

Health Assessments 253 Articles

Health Policy 299 Articles

Prof. Dr. Pedram Sendi  

Health Informatics and Big Data 168 Articles

Prof. Dr. Norbert Hosten  

Medication Management 124 Articles

Medics 26 Articles

Nursing 658 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jose M. Moran  

Nutrition and Public Health 183 Articles

Prof. Dr. Roberto Verna  

Pain Management 88 Articles

Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine 99 Articles

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Latif Mohamed  

Perioperative Care 49 Articles

Prehospital Care 30 Articles

Prof. Dr. Søren Mikkelsen  

Preventive Medicine 69 Articles

Dr. Lorenzo Giovanni Mantovani  

School Health 128 Articles

Prof. Dr. Jorge Pérez-Gómez  

TeleHealth and Digital Healthcare 305 Articles

Dr. Krzysztof Laudanski  

Women's Health Care 234 Articles

Prof. Dr. José Carmelo Adsuar Sala  

Family Medicine 26 Articles

Dr. Marco Dettori  

General 4565 Articles

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