Agronomy 2019 Best Paper Awards

Winner announcement date (expired): 1 June 2020
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the following papers have been selected to receive the Agronomy Best Paper Awards of 2019:

Title: Microbial Consortia versus Single-Strain Inoculants: An Advantage in PGPM-Assisted Tomato Production?
Authors: Klára Bradáčová, Andrea S. Florea, Asher Bar-Tal, Dror Minz, Uri Yermiyahu, Raneen Shawahna, Judith Kraut-Cohen, Avihai Zolti, Ran Erel, K. Dietel, Markus Weinmann, Beate Zimmermann, Nils Berger, Uwe Ludewig, Guenter Neumann, and Gheorghe Poşta
Available online:

Title: Biostimulants Application in Horticultural Crops under Abiotic Stress Conditions
Authors: Roberta Bulgari, Giulia Franzoni, and Antonio Ferrante
Available online:

We believe that the above papers represent valuable contributions to Agronomy and the scientific literature and warmly congratulate Ms. Klára Bradáčová and Dr. Giulia Franzoni and their colleagues. In recognition of their accomplishments, each of the corresponding authors will be granted a certificate and the chance to publish two papers (either review papers or research articles) free of charge in Agronomy by the end of 2020 (after the completion of the normal peer-review process).

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