Agronomy 2017 Best Paper Awards (1,000 CHF)

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We are pleased to announce that the following papers were selected as the first Prize of Agronomy Best Paper Awards 2017:

Jose Ramón Acosta-Motos, Maria Fernanda Ortuño, Agustina Bernal-Vicente, PedroDiaz-Vivancos,  Maria Jesus Sanchez-Blanco, and Jose Antonio Hernandez (Review) Plant Responses to Salt Stress: Adaptive Mechanisms. Agronomy 2017, 7, 18.
Available  online:

Malin C. Broberg, Petra Högy, and Håkan Pleijel
(Article) CO2-Induced Changes in Wheat Grain Composition: Meta-Analysis and Response Functions. Agronomy 2017, 7, 32.
Available  online:

We believe the above papers represent a valuable contribution to Agronomy and the scientific literature and warmly congratulate Dr. Jose Antonio Hernandez and Dr. Malin C. Brobergand their groups. In recognition of their accomplishment, each of the corresponding authors has the chance to publish two papers (either review papers or research articles) until the end of 2019, free of charge (1000 CHF) in Agronomy, after the peer-review procedure and the certificate.

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