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Microorganisms are important cell factories for the synthesis of proteins, small and large metabolites and for the production of single cell proteins. The field of microbial biotechnology includes methods and strategies for the production and use of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms (e.g. yeasts, fungi, algae) and archaea for substance synthesis and the use of the microorganisms or their substances in applications in the fields of white (industrial), red (pharmaceutical/medical) and green (agro-environmental) biotechnology. It also considers the application of microorganisms or their products in the fields of energy, food and feed, biocatalysis, mining and for new materials. Aside from these application areas, the section also focuses on the methodology of bioprocess development, including high throughput screening and process technologies, design of experiments (DoE) and modelling approaches, and technologies for scale-up and scale-down.

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