Reviewer Board

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Microorganisms reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.


Department of Pathology, University of Texas, Medical Branch at Galveston, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77574-0609, USA
Interests: hemorrhagic fever; filoviruses; animal models of filovirus infection; glycoproteins; heterologous immunity; viral antibodies; neutralizing antibodies; Fc-mediated protective effects; epitope mapping; immunotherapeutic

Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health, Ghent University, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
Interests: food safety; mycotoxins; cyanotoxins; (HR)LC–MS; in vitro toxicology; metabolomics

Department of soil microbiology, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Swift Current, SK, Canada
Interests: arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi; biological control (parasitism, antibiosis, antifungal compound); endophyte fungi; pathogen fungi (common root rot, fusarium species, fusarium head blight); plant growth promoting (PGP); plant-microorganism interactions

Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Plant Molecular Biology, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Interests: bioinformatics; high throughput sequencing; molecular evolution; epigenetics

Department of Veterinary Population Medicine & Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities, MN, USA
Interests: virology; food virology/microbiology; noroviruses; coronaviruses; food and environmental microbiology; infectious diseases; Disinfection; sampling and inactivation of airborne viruses
Department of Chemistry and Physics, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB, Canada
Interests: bioinformatics; Genome Mining; mass spectrometry; NMR; natural products; peptides; antimicrobials; bacteria
Department Food Technology and Human Nutrition, Institute of Food Technology, College of Natural Science, University of Rzeszow, Zelwerowicza 4 St., 35-601 Rzeszow, Poland
Interests: starch; Food Rheology; thixotropy; bioactive substances; antioxidants; functional food
Department of Biology, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ 07043, USA
Interests: antivirals; natural products; Herpes simplex virus I; Herpes simplex virus II; polyphenols

Institute of Medical Sciences, Collegium Medicum, Jan Kochanowski University, 25-317 Kielce, Poland
Interests: antibiotic resistance; biofilms; genetic determinants of bacterial virulence; genetic determinants of human pancreatitis and pancreatic cancers; urinary tract infections; uropathogenic escherichia coli; virulence factors

Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry, DAGRI, University of Florence, Florence, Italy
Interests: cyanobacteria; biopolymers; biohydrogen; soil microbial ecology; biocrusts; phototrophic microorganisms; purple non sulfur bacteria; bioenergies; agroindustrial waste recovery; microalgae-bateria interactions
Department of Management Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada
Interests: natural products; biofilm; antimicrobial resistance; probiotics; streptococcus
Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Food Science and Technology, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, 3-5, Mănăştur Street, 400372 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Interests: food microbiology; lactic bacteria; probiotics; yeasts; fermentation; food chemistry; volatile compounds; food sensory profile; baking products; wheat flour; pastry products
Center for Sickle Cell Disease, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059, USA
Interests: cellular and molecular biology; animal models for HIV infection; virus-host interaction; innate immune response; metabolic and infectious diseases; cancer research
Korea Science Academy of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Busan 47162, Republic of Korea
Interests: protein expression; protein secretion; ABC transporter

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
Interests: nutrition; food science
Department of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (STEBICEF), University of Palermo, 90133 Palermo, Italy
Interests: environmental resistome; animal microbiome; bacterial epigenetics; regulation of antibiotic biosynthesis; cytosine methylation

Department of Microbial Biochemistry, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences (IBB PAS), Warsaw, Poland
Interests: molecular microbiology; lactic acid bacteria; bacteriocins; antimicrobial resistance; carbohydrate metabolism; gene regulation and expression; microbial genomics; phenotype micro-arrays
Institute for Plant Protection in Horticulture and Forests, Julius Kühn-Institut, 38104 Braunschweig, Germany
Interests: plant diseases; plant pathology; phytopathology; fungal diseases; mycotoxins; phenotyping; agriculture; cereals; disease resistance
Research Center for Healthcare Industry Innovation, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Taipei, Taiwan
Interests: statistical analysis; infectious disease; COVID-19; cardiovascular; atherosclerosis; epidemiology; heart disease; diabetes; hypertension; infectious disease; public health; arterial stiffness; biomarkers; index; triglyceride-glucose (tyg) index

Technology and Innovation Unit, National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research, I. P. (INIAV), Av. da República, Quinta do Marquês, 2780-157 Oeiras, Portugal
Interests: dairy science; food development; food quality; food texture and rheology

Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center, Department of Population Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602, USA
Interests: microbiology; antimicrobial resistance; molecular microbiology; molecular epidemiology; bacterial virulence factors; host pathogen interactions

Department of Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield, 4th Floor, Jessop Wing, Tree Root Walk, Sheffield S10 2SF, UK
Interests: preterm birth; female genital tract microbiota; dysbiosis; cervicovaginal bacterial species and metabolites; infection/inflammation associated preterm birth; gut microbiota and obesity
Department of Health Science, School of Allied Health Sciences, Kitasato University, Tokyo 108-8641, Japan
Interests: antibiotic resistance genes; antibiotic resistant bacteria; enteric virus; HBGA; wastewater
Department of Human Sciences and Promotion of the Quality of Life, San Raffaele Open University, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome Via di Val Cannuta, 00166 Rome, Italy
Interests: gram-negative bacteria; virulence factor; bacterial adhesion; invasion; persistence; outer membrane proteins; transcription gene expression; antibiotic-resistance genes; molecular mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic-resistance; host-pathogen interaction
Manchester Fungal Infection Group (MFIG), Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Interests: human fungal pathogens; fungal metabolism and virulence; fungal pathogen-host interactions; antifungal drug development; fungal virulence determinants; antifungal immunity; Aspergillus fumigatus; fungal pathogen-microbial pathogen interactions

Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Cell Biology, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 020956 Bucharest, Romania
Interests: natural products; phytochemistry; QSAR modelling; drug discovery; molecular biology; bioinformatics; regulatory affairs
Department of Applied Biology, University of Perugia, 06121 Perugia, Italy
Interests: antifungal activity; antibacterial activity; ascomycetes; microfungal diversity; environmental microbiology

Limnological Institute Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 3, Ulan-Batorskaya, Irkutsk 664033, Russia
Interests: evolution; phylogeny; DNA metabarcoding; transcriptomes; species flocks; protists; microalgae; dinoflagellates; freshwater Lakes; lake baikal
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN 38105, USA
Interests: sonic hedgehog signaling; signal transduction; cilia biology; cancer; cell & amp; molecular biology; drug discovery; cancer biology

Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
Interests: mycobiome; polymicrobial biofilms; gastrointestinal infection; Candida albicans; Candida glabrata; Clostridioides difficile; drug discovery; anti-virulence
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