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A Themed Issue in Honor of Late Professor Samiran Mitra
(Editors: Carlos J. Gómez García, Ashutosh Ghosh, Dipali Sadhukhan)
31 Oct 2018 10
A Themed Issue of Functional Molecule-based Magnets: Dedicated to Professor Masahiro Yamashita on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday
(Editor: Keiichi Katoh)
30 Jun 2019 4
Applications of Magnetization and Polarization for Molecules and Materials
(Editors: Claudio Fontanesi, Francesco Tassinari, Massimo Innocenti)
31 Aug 2019
Controlling Molecular Nanomagnets
(Editor: Jennifer Le Roy)
31 May 2019 4
Coordination Compounds for Coordination Molecule-Based Devices
(Editors: Masahiro Mikuriya, Makoto Handa)
31 Dec 2018 6
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
(Editors: Sylvain Bertaina, Hervé Vezin)
31 Dec 2018 6
Magnetic Anisotropy
(Editors: Marius Andruh, Liviu F. Chibotaru)
31 Mar 2016 7
Magnetic Nanoparticles
(Editor: Evgeny Katz)
31 Aug 2019
Magnetic Properties of Complexes of Actinide Elements
(Editor: Hélène Bolvin)
31 Mar 2019 2
Magnetism of Molecular Conductors Printed Edition available
(Editor: Manuel Almeida)
30 Apr 2017 13
Magnetochemistry: From Fundamentals to Applications
(Editor: Carlos J. Gómez García)
15 Nov 2015 6
Molecular Magnetism of Lanthanides Complexes and Networks Printed Edition available
(Editor: Kevin Bernot)
15 Jun 2017 8
Molecules in Quantum Information
(Editor: Floriana Tuna)
15 Feb 2017 8
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Printed Edition available
(Editor: Teresa Lehmann)
31 Oct 2017 22
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Biomedical Application
(Editor: Teresa Lehmann)
31 Jul 2019 1
Paramagnetic MRI Contrast Agents Based on the Use of Lanthanides and Transition Metals complexes: From Small Molecules to Macromolecular Systems
(Editors: Giuseppe Ferrauto, Enza Di Gregorio)
31 Dec 2019
Spin Crossover (SCO) Research
(Editors: Guillem Aromí, José Antonio Real)
15 Jan 2016 21
Spin-Crossover Beyond the Immediate Tribute
(Editors: Philippe GUIONNEAU, Guillaume CHASTANET)
30 May 2019 7
Superconductivity and Magnetism
(Editor: Giovanni Ummarino)
31 Oct 2019
Transition Metal (3d,4d,5d) Single-Ion Magnets
(Editor: Javier Cepeda)
30 Apr 2019
Transition Metal Magnetism
(Editor: Coen De Graaf)
28 Feb 2018 5
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