Magnetic Materials

A section of Magnetochemistry (ISSN 2312-7481).

Section Information

The Magnetic Materials Section of the journal Magnetochemistry publishes different types of contributions dealing with magnetic materials. The list of these materials includes ferromagnets, ferrimagnets, antiferromagnets, metamagnets, magnetic MOFs, spin crossover materials, spin-glass materials, high spin clusters, 2D and 3D magnetic materials, materials showing slow relaxation of the magnetization with or without an applied magnetic field (e.g., SMM, SIM, and SCM), magnetocaloric materials, and materials presenting any other magnetic property of interest.


  • ferromagnets;
  • ferrimagnets;
  • antiferromagnets;
  • metamagnets;
  • magnetic MOFs;
  • spin crossover materials;
  • spin-glass materials;
  • high spin clusters;
  • 2D and 3D magnetic materials;
  • single molecule magnets;
  • single chain magnets;
  • single ion magnets;
  • magnetocaloric materials

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