Magnetic Nanospecies

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The focus of this Section concentrates on preparation, purification, separation, characterization, and various applications of magnetic nanospecies, with different geometries and functionalities, including nanoparticles, nanodots, nanowires, nanorods, etc. Nanospecies modified with different protective and catalytic coatings, as well as with biocatalytic and biorecognition molecules, are of particular interest of the Section. Articles concentrated on physical, chemical, biological, environmental, and engineering aspects of nanospecies applications will be considered. The Section will publish articles of different formats, such as research reports and short communications, comprehensive reviews, and short opinion articles.


  • magnetic nanoparticles
  • magnetic nanorods
  • magnetic nanowires
  • magnetic nanodots
  • magnetic nanospecies
  • magnetic microparticles

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