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The endocrine system includes the pancreatic islets and other endocrine cells of the digestive system, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamic/pituitary gland, adrenal, and gonadal endocrine cells, as well as other hormone regulatory pathways involved in other processes such as aging and pregnancy. Metabolism involves all the chemical processes at the cellular level that lead to the regulation of energy and relevant cellular substrate pathways, such as those of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates. Both Endocrinology and Metabolism encompass a broad field from basic molecular and cellular research through clinical care and some of the most relevant public health issues in current times. Articles are welcome from a broad range of disciplines and approaches ranging from clinical medicine to basic science.

This section welcomes outstanding contributions in the fields of Endocrinology and Metabolism.


  • hypothalamic/pituitary
  • diabetes mellitus, and carbohydrate metabolism-related diseases
  • diabetes complications
  • diagnosis and treatment
  • endocrinology of male/female reproduction and pregnancy
  • endocrine tumor syndromes
  • diffuse hormonal diseases and tumors
  • polyendocrine disorders
  • endocrinology of aging
  • prevention of endocrine diseases
  • pediatric endocrinology
  • thyroid gland
  • adrenal gland
  • metabolic syndrome
  • nutrition and metabolic syndrome (fructose, de novo lipogenesis, advanced glycation, dietary advanced glycation end products (AGEs), AGE)
  • metabolic bone diseases/disorders
  • bone and mineral metabolism
  • lipid and lipoprotein metabolism
  • obesity and energy metabolism
  • obesity and related drugs

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