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A section of International Journal of Molecular Sciences (ISSN 1422-0067).

Section Information

The Section “Macromolecules” of the open access journal IJMS publishes original research articles and comprehensive review papers on all fundamental aspects of macromolecular science. All topics related to design, synthesis, characterization, post-modification of macromolecules, new macromolecular structures, mechanisms explaining the formation of macromolecular architectures, kinetics and thermodynamics analyses, and application of synthetic and biological macromolecules are covered, including biomacromolecules, sustainable macromolecules, degradable polymers, and conjugated polymers. Computational studies including modulization and dynamic simulation of macromolecules offering new insights into understanding of experimental results are also covered and published.


  • polymerization
  • macromolecules modification
  • composition and topologies of new macromolecular structures
  • structure–properties relationships
  • functional macromolecules
  • micelles, inverse micelles
  • supramolecular conjugates
  • order–disorder transition
  • spectroscopic methods
  • NMR
  • macromolecular crystallography
  • kinetics
  • thermodynamics
  • microcalorimetry
  • fluorescence
  • single-molecule microscopy
  • statistical mechanics
  • computer simulations
  • computational modeling
  • molecular modeling
  • biomacromolecules, sustainable/renewable macromolecules
  • macromolecular networks
  • stimulus-responsive macromolecules
  • nanostructured macromolecules
  • soft materials
  • artificial life
  • drug delivery

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