Special Issues - Crystals

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Advances in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Michel Mitov)
Liquid Crystals 28 Feb 2019
Advances in Nematic Liquid Crystals
(Editors: Wiktor Piecek, Przemysław Kula)
Liquid Crystals 30 Jun 2019
Design and Control of Chiral Supramolecular Organizations in Liquid Crystals
(Editors: Teresa Sierra, M. Blanca Ros, Raquel Giménez)
Liquid Crystals 20 Nov 2019
Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Alexander V. Emelyanenko)
Liquid Crystals 10 Jul 2019
Ionic Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Giacomo Saielli)
Liquid Crystals 31 Dec 2018 1
Liquid Crystal Nanocomposites and Their Photonics Applications
(Editors: Michael Fisch, Gautam Singh)
Liquid Crystals 20 Jun 2019
Liquid Crystal Optical Device
(Editors: Leszek R. Jaroszewicz, Noureddine Bennis)
Liquid Crystals 10 May 2019
Liquid Crystal Optics and Physics: Recent Advances and Prospects
(Editors: Chun-Ta Wang, Qi Guo, Chan-Shan Yang)
Liquid Crystals 20 Jul 2019
Liquid-crystalline Ion Conductors
(Editor: Masafumi Yoshio)
Liquid Crystals 30 Sep 2019
Localized Optical Modes in Liquid Crystals
(Editors: Vladimir A. Belyakov, Sergei V. Semenov)
Liquid Crystals 20 Aug 2019
Micro and Nano Patterned Substrates for Liquid Crystal Alignment
(Editor: Vladimir Chigrinov)
Liquid Crystals 20 Sep 2017 5
New Trends in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
(Editors: Antonio Martins Figueiredo Neto, Ingo Dierking)
Liquid Crystals 31 Mar 2019
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Valentina Domenici)
Liquid Crystals 20 Apr 2019
Pattern Formation and Defects in Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Jordi Ignés-Mullol)
Liquid Crystals 10 Jun 2019
Physical Properties and Electro-optical Characteristics of Blue Phases Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Hui-Yu Chen)
Liquid Crystals 31 Jul 2019
Synthesis and Properties of Light-emitting Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Shigeyuki YAMADA)
Liquid Crystals 1 Apr 2019
X-ray Scattering Techniques of Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Luz J. Martínez-Miranda)
Liquid Crystals 30 Nov 2019
Biological and Biogenic Crystallization
(Editor: Jolanta Prywer)
Biomolecular Crystals 31 Jul 2017 7
Biological Crystallization
(Editors: Jaime Gómez Morales, Giuseppe Falini, Juan Manuel García Ruiz)
Biomolecular Crystals 15 Feb 2019 7
Crystallization Under Special and Physical Environments
(Editor: Abel Moreno)
Biomolecular Crystals 1 Sep 2019 1
Mechanically Responsive Molecular Crystals
(Editor: Roberto Centore)
Biomolecular Crystals 30 Nov 2019
Noncanonical Nucleobases
(Editor: Gustavo Portalone)
Biomolecular Crystals 21 Dec 2018
Protein Crystallization under the Presence of an Electric Field
(Editor: Abel Moreno)
Biomolecular Crystals 18 Dec 2017 6
Recent Advances in Electron Crystallography for Radiation-Sensitive Materials
(Editors: Guy Schoehn, Dominique Housset, Wai Li Ling)
Biomolecular Crystals 15 Oct 2019
Recent Advances in Protein Crystallography
(Editor: Albert Guskov)
Biomolecular Crystals 31 Dec 2017 14
Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids
(Editor: Bohdan Schneider)
Biomolecular Crystals 28 Feb 2019
2D Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery and Biomedical Applications
(Editor: Sophia Zi Gu)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2019
Ab Initio Study of the Energy Storage Crystalline Materials
(Editor: Zbigniew Łodziana)
Crystalline Materials 15 Apr 2019
Advance in Crystalline Thin Wires
(Editor: Arkady Zhukov)
Crystalline Materials 10 Jun 2017 8
Advanced High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
(Editor: Yoko Yamabe-MItarai)
Crystalline Materials 15 Jul 2019
Advanced LED Solid-state Lighting Optics
(Editors: Ching-Cherng Sun, Shih-Hsin Ma)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2018 4
Advances in Caloric Materials
(Editor: Mohamed Balli)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2019 1
Advances in Computer Simulation Studies on Crystal Growth Printed Edition available
(Editor: Hiroki Nada)
Crystalline Materials 20 Dec 2016 11
Advances in GaN Crystals and Their Applications
(Editor: Ikai Lo)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2017 7
Advances in Graphene and Graphene-Based Materials
(Editor: John Parthenios)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2019
Advances in Multi-component Crystal Systems
(Editor: Tom Leyssens)
Crystalline Materials 20 Nov 2018 1
Advances in Organic Solar Cells
(Editor: Jea-gun Park)
Crystalline Materials 5 May 2019
Advances in Structural and Compositional Characterization for the Development of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
(Editors: Katharina Lorenz, Andrés Redondo-Cubero)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2019 2
Advances in Synchrotron Radiation Applications for Crystal Structure Studies
(Editor: William Clegg)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2017 6
Advances in Thin Film Solar Cells
(Editors: Qi Hua Fan, Guofu Hou)
Crystalline Materials 30 Apr 2019 1
Advances in Ultrasound Stimulated Crystallization
(Editor: Judy Lee)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2018 7
Biomimetic Growth of Calcium Phosphate Crystals
(Editors: Michele Iafisco, José Manuel Delgado-López)
Crystalline Materials 1 Dec 2018 3
(Editor: Linda Pastero)
Crystalline Materials 15 Jun 2018 9
Chiral Crystals
(Editor: Alexander S. Ovchinnikov)
Crystalline Materials 31 Aug 2019
Colloidal Crystals
(Editor: Qingfeng Yan)
Crystalline Materials 31 May 2016 8
Colloidal Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Characterization and Application
(Editors: Roberto Comparelli, Lucia Curri, Marinella Striccoli)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2016 9
Correlated Electron Crystals
(Editor: Haidong Zhou)
Crystalline Materials 20 Jun 2017 6
Crystal Chemistry of Zinc, Cadmium and Mercury
(Editor: Matthias Weil)
Crystalline Materials 31 Oct 2017 11
Crystal Dislocations
(Editor: Ronald W. Armstrong)
Crystalline Materials 30 Apr 2016 10
Crystal Dislocations: Their Impact on Physical Properties of Crystals
(Editor: Peter Lagerlof)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jan 2018 15
Crystal Growth for Optoelectronic and Piezoelectric Applications
(Editors: Alain Largeteau, Mythili Prakasam)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2017 14
Crystal Growth of Multifunctional Borates and Related Materials
(Editor: N.I. Leonyuk)
Crystalline Materials 20 Dec 2018
Crystal Indentation Hardness Printed Edition available
(Editors: Ronald W. Armstrong, Stephen M. Walley, Wayne L. Elban)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2017 21
Crystal Morphology and Assembly in Spherulites
(Editor: Eamor M. Woo)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2017 6
Crystal Structure Analysis of Supramolecular and Porous Solids
(Editor: Dmitriy V Soldatov)
Crystalline Materials 31 Dec 2017 13
Crystal Structure of Complex Compounds
(Editors: Thomas Doert, Mathias Wickleder)
Crystalline Materials 31 Aug 2016 7
Crystal Structure of Electroceramics Printed Edition available
(Editor: Stevin Snellius Pramana)
Crystalline Materials 30 Apr 2017 12
Crystal Structure of Steroids and Their Complexes with Receptors
(Editors: Francisco Meijide, José Vázquez Tato)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2019
Crystal Structures of Compounds Containing Ions Selenite
(Editor: Claudia Graiff)
Crystalline Materials 20 Mar 2018 6
Crystal-Chemical and Structural Research of Minerals
(Editor: Tonči Balić-Žunić)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2019
Crystalline Raman Lasers
(Editor: Petr G. Zverev)
Crystalline Materials 20 Feb 2019
Crystallography of Functional Materials
(Editors: Winnie Wong-Ng, Claudia Rawn)
Crystalline Materials 20 Mar 2017 9
Current and Future Directions in Crystal Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)
(Editor: Paul J. Simmonds)
Crystalline Materials 31 Aug 2017 9
Defects in Crystals
(Editor: Julita Smalc-Koziorowska)
Crystalline Materials 10 Nov 2019
Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Compounds for Biological Applications
(Editor: Paula Brandão)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2019
Diamond Crystals
(Editor: Yuri N. Palyanov)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2017 13
Electronic Phenomena of Transition Metal Oxides
(Editors: Christian Rodenbücher, Krzysztof Szot)
Crystalline Materials 31 Aug 2019
First-Principles Prediction of Structures and Properties in Crystals
(Editors: Andreas Hermann, Dominik Kurzydlowski)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2019
Functional Multi-Scale Crystals
(Editors: Julien Haines, Jérôme Rouquette)
Crystalline Materials 15 Jan 2018 6
Functional Oxide Based Thin-Film Materials
(Editor: Dong-Sing Wuu)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2018 7
Fundamentals of Superalloys
(Editor: Martin Friák)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2019
GaN-Based Optoelectronic Materials and Light Emitting Devices
(Editors: Hao-chung Kuo, Ke Xu, Zhaojun Liu)
Crystalline Materials 28 Feb 2019 4
Green Catalysts based on Metal Complexs
(Editor: Luísa Margarida Martins)
Crystalline Materials 1 May 2019
Growth and Characterization of Chalcogenide Semiconductors
(Editor: Ching-Hwa Ho)
Crystalline Materials 15 Oct 2019
High-Pressure Studies of Crystalline Materials
(Editor: Daniel Errandonea)
Crystalline Materials 20 Mar 2018 12
Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy Growth of Crystals
(Editor: Tania Paskova)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2019
III-V Heteroepitaxy for Solar Energy Conversion
(Editor: Henning Döscher)
Crystalline Materials 28 Feb 2019 2
Inorganic Layered Crystals: From Fundamentals to Materials Performance
(Editors: Wei Cao, Sergio E. Ulloa)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2019
Integration of 2D Materials for Electronics Applications
(Editors: Filippo Giannazzo, Samuel Lara Avila, Jens Eriksson, Sushant Sonde)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2017 9
KTP Crystal for Nonlinear Optical and Electrooptic Applications
(Editor: Vladimir Shur)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2018 4
Light-Emittting Silicon Nanostructures
(Editor: Kateřina Kůsová)
Crystalline Materials 1 Nov 2019
Lithium Niobate: Bulk Crystals, Composites, Thin Films and Nanocrystals
(Editors: Mirco Imlau, László Kovács)
Crystalline Materials 15 Apr 2018 12
Magnetic Field-induced Phase Transition
(Editor: Yasuhiro H. Matsuda)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2019
Materials Processing and Crystal Growth for Thermoelectrics
(Editor: George S. Nolas)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2017 10
Mesocrystals and Hierarchical Structures
(Editor: Monica Distaso)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2016 10
Metal Phosphonates and Phosphinates
(Editors: Marco Taddei, Ferdinando Costantino)
Crystalline Materials 30 Apr 2019 1
Microfluidic Platforms for Crystallography
(Editor: Josep Puigmartí-Luis)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2018 1
Microstructure and Physical Properties of Magnesium Alloys and Composites
(Editor: Pavel Lukáč)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2018 5
Microstructure Evolutions and Mechanical Behavior of Semicrystalline Polymers
(Editor: Olivier Lame)
Crystalline Materials 21 Apr 2019
Microstructures and Properties of Martensitic Materials
(Editor: Cyril Cayron)
Crystalline Materials 15 Nov 2018 4
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Nanocrystals and Nanostructures
(Editors: Cristina Leonelli, Witold Łojkowski)
Crystalline Materials 31 Oct 2018 4
MOF-Based Membranes
(Editors: Jinsoo Kim, Hae-Kwon Jeong)
Crystalline Materials 31 Aug 2018 4
Molecular Magnets
(Editors: Maria Bałanda, Magdalena Fitta)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2018
MOVPE Growth of Crystalline Film
(Editor: Andrey B. Krysa)
Crystalline Materials 21 Apr 2019 2
Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys
(Editors: Stuart A. Maloy, David T. Hoelzer)
Crystalline Materials 31 Dec 2018 1
Nanowires and Quantum Dots for IoT Applications
(Editors: Bassem Salem, Bouraoui Ilahi)
Crystalline Materials 15 Jun 2019
Neutron Diffractometers for Single Crystals and Powders
(Editors: A.M. Balagurov, A.G. Goukassov, T.C. Hansen)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2018 5
New Horizons in Zeolites and Zeolite-Like Materials
(Editor: Leonid Kustov)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2019
New Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
(Editors: Dmitry A. Bedrov, Justin B. Hooper)
Crystalline Materials 1 Dec 2018 1
Non-Ambient Crystallography
(Editors: Edmondo Gilioli, Francesco Mezzadri)
Crystalline Materials 31 Dec 2017 7
Non-Classical Crystal Growth
(Editor: Wuzong Zhou )
Crystalline Materials 1 Jul 2019
Optical Floating Zone and Crystals Grown by this Method
(Editor: Hanna A. Dabkowska)
Crystalline Materials 20 Mar 2019
Phononic Crystals
(Editors: Victor J. Sanchez-Morcillo, Vicent Romero-Garcia, Luis M. Garcia-Raffi)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2016 11
(Editors: Abdelkrim Khelif, Sarah Benchabane)
Crystalline Materials 15 Dec 2017 11
Photocrystallography and Solid-State Structural Dynamics
(Editors: Katarzyna N. Jarzembska, Radosław Kamiński)
Crystalline Materials 31 Dec 2018 2
Piezoelectric Crystals
(Editor: Shujun Zhang)
Crystalline Materials 30 Apr 2014 14
Production, Characterization and Application of Nano-Carbon Materials
(Editor: Alexander N. Obraztsov)
Crystalline Materials 31 Oct 2019
Quantum and Molecular Mechanic Analysis of Crystalline Materials
(Editor: Andrei L. Tchougreeff)
Crystalline Materials 1 Mar 2019
Recent Advances in Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
(Editor: Jaehee H. Cho)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2019
Recent Advances in Novel Topological Materials
(Editors: Guang Bian, Tay-Rong Chang)
Crystalline Materials 31 May 2019
Recent Progress in Photoresponsive Azopolymers
(Editors: Jesús Del Barrio, Carlos Sánchez-Somolinos)
Crystalline Materials 1 Oct 2019
Rietveld Refinement in the Characterization of Crystalline Materials
(Editor: Igor Djerdj)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2018 7
Selected Papers from Taiwan Association for Academic Innovation, TAAI 2018
(Editors: Chien-Jung Huang, Kuan Chee, Yeu-Long Jiang)
Crystalline Materials 31 Dec 2018 9
Semiconductor Nanomaterials Surfaces
(Editor: Jacek Szuber)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2018 1
Single Crystals for Biomedical Applications
(Editor: Ioannis G. Valais)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2019 1
Sonic and Photonic Crystals
(Editors: Lien-Wen Chen, Jia-Yi Yeh)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2019
Structural Characterization of Calcium Phosphates by Means of X-ray Diffraction
(Editor: Francesco Capitelli)
Crystalline Materials 10 Jun 2019
Structural Design and Properties of Coordination Polymers Printed Edition available
(Editor: George E. Kostakis)
Crystalline Materials 20 Nov 2017 10
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal Oxides
(Editor: Christopher R. Wiebe)
Crystalline Materials 15 Sep 2019
Structure and Properties of Fluoride-based Materials
(Editor: Ralf Haiges)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2018 3
Structure and Properties of Quasicrystalline Materials
(Editor: Dmitry A. Shulyatev)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2018 6
Structure and Properties of Quasicrystals 2016
(Editor: Enrique Maciá Barber)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2016 12
Structure and Reactivity of Reaction Intermediates
(Editor: Hrvoj Vančík)
Crystalline Materials 30 Nov 2019
Structure, Properties and Behavior of Solid Materials Explored by In-Silico and Experimental Methods
(Editor: Paola Paoli)
Crystalline Materials 31 Aug 2019
Study Properties of Hexagonal Single Crystals and Polycrystals
(Editors: Zuzanka Trojanová, Peter Minárik)
Crystalline Materials 10 Dec 2019
Synthesis and Characterization of Diamond Crystals
(Editor: Vladimir Blank)
Crystalline Materials 30 Jun 2019
Synthesis and Characterization of Ferroelectrics
(Editor: Jan Dec)
Crystalline Materials 30 Sep 2019
Synthesis, Modeling, Characterization and Applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks
(Editors: Diego A. Gómez-Gualdrón, Yamil J. Colón)
Crystalline Materials 20 Jun 2018 4
The Application of High-k Dielectric Materials in Solid-State Devices
(Editors: Fu-Chien Chiu, Tung-Ming Pan, Chun-Hsing Shih)
Crystalline Materials 15 Sep 2019
The Neutral–Ionic Phase Transition
(Editors: Anna Painelli, Alberto Girlando)
Crystalline Materials 1 Aug 2017 6
Thin Film Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
(Editor: Polychronis Tsipas)
Crystalline Materials 15 Jun 2019
Thin Film Transistor
(Editor: Ray-Hua Horng)
Crystalline Materials 28 Feb 2019 2
Topological Crystalline Insulators: Current Progress and Prospects
(Editor: Satoshi Sasaki)
Crystalline Materials 1 Dec 2016 5
Traveling Solvent Floating Zone (TSFZ) Method in Crystal Growth
(Editor: Ekaterina Pomjakushina)
Crystalline Materials 31 May 2016 5
Two-Dimensional Materials beyond Graphene and their Van der Waals Heterostructures
(Editors: Cristina E. Giusca, Spyros Yannopoulos)
Crystalline Materials 31 Jul 2017 11
X-ray and neutron Line Profile Analysis of Microstructures
(Editors: Tamás Ungár, Gábor Ribárik)
Crystalline Materials 31 Mar 2019
Analysis of Halogen and Other σ-Hole Bonds in Crystals
(Editors: Peter Politzer, Jane S. Murray)
Crystal Engineering 10 Jun 2017 12
Analysis of Hydrogen Bonds in Crystals Printed Edition available
(Editor: Sławomir J. Grabowski)
Crystal Engineering 31 Jan 2016 18
Anti-Solvent Crystallization
(Editors: Reginald Beng Hee Tan, Zaiqun Yu)
Crystal Engineering 31 May 2019
Characterisation and Study of Compounds by Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction
(Editors: Josefina Perles, Ivana R. Evans)
Crystal Engineering 1 Oct 2019
Chemical Bonding in Crystals and Their Properties
(Editors: Anna V. Vologzhanina, Yulia V. Nelyubina)
Crystal Engineering 31 Aug 2019
Compounds with Polar Metallic Bonding
(Editor: Constantin Hoch)
Crystal Engineering 31 Oct 2018 8
Crystal Engineering Involving Weak Bonds
(Editor: David Turner)
Crystal Engineering 15 Jan 2014 6
Crystal Growth in Gels
(Editors: Silvia Rizzato, Leonardo Lo Presti, Massimo Moret)
Crystal Engineering 31 Dec 2018
Crystal Structures of Boron Compounds
(Editor: Sławomir J. Grabowski)
Crystal Engineering 31 Aug 2018 5
Dislocations in Heterostructures
(Editor: Sokolov Leonid Valentinovich)
Crystal Engineering 20 Oct 2019
Halogen-Bonded Cocrystals
(Editor: Filip Topic)
Crystal Engineering 30 Sep 2019
High Entropy Alloys
(Editors: Steve Brown, Monique Calvo-Dahlborg, Nicholas P. Lavery)
Crystal Engineering 10 Jun 2019
Intermolecular Interactions in Crystal Packing
(Editor: Jarosław Chojnacki)
Crystal Engineering 30 Sep 2019
Investigation of Nanostructures with X-ray Scattering Techniques
(Editors: Dominik Kriegner, Milan Dopita)
Crystal Engineering 15 Jun 2019
NMR Crystallography
(Editor: Thomas Bräuniger)
Crystal Engineering 30 Mar 2019 2
Novel Hydrogen-bonded Materials with Significant Physical Properties
(Editor: Ivan Němec)
Crystal Engineering 1 Jul 2019
NQR of Polymorphic Crystals
(Editor: Tomaž Apih)
Crystal Engineering 31 Jul 2019
Pharmaceutical Crystals
(Editors: Etsuo Yonemochi, Hidehiro Uekusa)
Crystal Engineering 30 Sep 2019
Self-Assembled Supramolecular Polymers via Strong H Bonding
(Editor: Ana M. Garcia-Deibe)
Crystal Engineering 12 Oct 2018 4
σ- and π-Hole Interactions in Crystals
(Editors: Drahomir Hnyk, Jindřich Fanfrlík, Tiddo J. Mooibroek)
Crystal Engineering 28 Feb 2019 1
Advances in Liquid Crystals
(Editor: Wolfgang Haase)
30 Jun 2013 7
Advances in Organic Conductors and Superconductors Printed Edition available
(Editor: Martin Dressel)
31 Mar 2018 19
Boron-Based (Nano-)Materials: Fundamentals and Applications
(Editors: Umit B. Demirci, Philippe Miele, Pascal G. Yot)
31 Mar 2016 10
Ceramic Conductors
(Editors: Maria Gazda, Aleksandra Mielewczyk-Gryń)
31 Oct 2018 8
Crystals, Films and Nanocomposite Scintillators
(Editors: Yuriy Zorenko, Yuriy Malyukin)
30 Apr 2019 1
David Grant Solid-State Science
(Editor: Changquan Calvin Sun)
20 Oct 2018
Energetic Materials
(Editor: Thomas M. Klapötke)
31 Jul 2015 5
Experimental and Theoretical Electron Density Analysis of Crystals
(Editor: Jacob Overgaard)
31 Dec 2017 6
Feature Paper
(Editor: Gerd Meyer)
30 Sep 2011 5
Global Modeling in Crystal Growth
(Editor: Bing Gao)
30 Sep 2016 6
Graphene Mechanics
(Editor: Qing Peng)
31 Jan 2019 15
(Editors: Vladimir I. Falko, Hong-Jun Gao)
15 Nov 2012 11
High Spin Molecules
(Editor: Martin T. Lemaire)
30 Mar 2016 6
Hydrogen Storage Alloys
(Editor: Hans Hagemann)
31 Jan 2012 11
Ice Crystals
(Editor: Yoshinori Furukawa)
31 Mar 2019
(Editor: Duc Nguyen-Manh)
30 Nov 2015 6
Laser Crystals
(Editor: Inka Manek-Hönninger)
31 Mar 2019
Metal Halide Perovskite Crystals: Growth Techniques, Properties and Emerging Applications
(Editor: Wei Zhang)
31 Mar 2018 13
Molecular Conductors
(Editor: Reizo Kato)
15 Mar 2012 45
Multiferroics Crystals
(Editor: Iwan Kityk)
31 Jan 2017 5
Nitrogen-Rich Salts
(Editor: Gerhard Laus)
31 Dec 2015 5
Nonlinear Optical Crystals
(Editor: Ning Ye)
30 Jun 2016 6
Nonlinear Optical Crystals 2017—Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Chuangtian Chen on the Occasion of his 80th Anniversary
(Editors: Ning Ye, Rukang Li, Shanpeng Wang, Qingfeng Yan)
31 Jan 2017 10
Novel Pharmaceutical Cocrystals and Their Applications
(Editors: Srinivasulu Aitipamula, Reginald Tan)
30 Jun 2017 5
Photoactive Transition Metal Carbonyls and Nitrosyls: Structures, Properties and Sustainable Delivery of the Gasotransmitters Towards Biological Targets
(Editor: Indranil Chakraborty)
31 Jan 2019
Photonic Crystals
(Editors: Yuri Kivshar, Mikhail Limonov, Mikhail Rybin)
30 Apr 2014 7
Plasticity of Crystals and Interfaces
(Editor: Sinisa Dj. Mesarovic)
18 Jul 2017 7
Properties and Applications of Complex Chalcogenides
(Editor: Amitava Choudhury)
15 Sep 2018 1
Properties and Applications of Novel Light Metal Hydrides
(Editors: Radovan Cerny, Yaroslav Filinchuk)
20 Mar 2018 6
Quantum Crystals
(Editors: Claudio Cazorla, Jordi Boronat)
31 Mar 2018 6
Recrystallization of Metallic Materials
(Editors: Matti Ristinmaa, Håkan Hallberg)
1 Jan 2019 3
Scintillator Crystals: Structure, Characterization and Models for Better Performances
(Editor: Daniele Rinaldi)
30 Jun 2019
Selected Papers from "3rd Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals, ACLC 2017"
(Editor: Wei Lee)
31 May 2017 9
Selected Papers from "The 1st International Electronic Conference on Crystals"
(Editors: Alberto Girlando, Abel Moreno)
31 Jul 2018 6
Selected Papers from "The Sixth Annual Conference of Chinese Crystallographic Society"
(Editors: Helmut Cölfen, Mei Pan)
15 Apr 2017 6
Spin-dependent Optical, Plasmonic, Confinement and High-frequency Phenomena and Applications—Mini-symposium, ETOPIM11
(Editors: Mitsuteru Inoue, Andrey Fedyanin, Miguel Levy, Yuichi Nakamura)
31 Oct 2018 2
Structure–Function Relationship in Complex Oxides
(Editor: Ichiro Terasaki)
31 Aug 2019
Synthesis and Applications of New Spin Crossover Compounds
(Editor: Takafumi Kitazawa)
31 May 2019 10
X-ray crystallography
(Editor: Linda J.W. Shimon)
1 Jun 2019
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