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Upcoming Partner Conferences (9)

16–19 June 2020 The XXIX Symposium of the Specialized Group of Crystallography and Crystal Growth (GE3C)

Vigo, Spain

The XXIX Symposium of the Specialized Group of Crystallography and Crystal Growth (GE3C) of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) and the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) will be held in Vigo (Spain) from June 16 to 19, 2020.

For more information, visit the official website of the symposium at the following address:

30 June–3 July 2020 2020 Biennial Congress of the “Association Française de Cristallographie” (AFC)

Grenoble, France

The Grenoble crystallographers community is very happy to welcome you in 2020 in Grenoble from Tuesday June 30 to Friday July 3 for the congress of the Association Française de Cristallographie.

AFC 2020 will be 16 sessions around thematic groups - biology, chemistry, physics - and transverse axes - crystal growth, teaching and mediation, large instruments - of AFC as well as Earth sciences and all the interfaces between these disciplines. Three plenary conferences, workshops, poster sessions, meetings with exhibitors, a conference for the general public, a few surprises as well as a gala dinner on the heights of Fort Bastille are also planned. This AFC congress will also be the occasion for the presentation of the first "André Guinier" prize, thesis prizes and the holding of the general assembly.

Come in large numbers to share your latest ideas and results during this highlight of our community and actively participate in the life of your association!

Looking forward to meeting you in Grenoble.

Claire Colin & Matias Velazquez, Presidents of the AFC 2020 Organizing Committee

Philippe Guionneau, President of the AFC and the AFC 2020 Scientific Committee

5–11 July 2020 6th European Crystallographic School

Budapest, Hungary

We are pleased to invite you and your students to attend the 6th European Crystallographic School to be held in Budapest, Hungary 5-11 July 2020 under the auspices of the European Crystallographic Association and International Union of Crystallography.


  • Symmetries, point groups, space groups, periodicity, unit cell
  • Diffraction physics
  • Sources, detectors, future possibilities
  • Instrumentation
  • Crystallization small molecule
  • Protein production, purification, crystallization
  • Data collection, reduction, analysis
  • Structure solutions, refinement
  • Crystallographic databases (CSD, PDB)
  • Phasing and model building, disorder, twinning
  • Polymorphism, crystal engineering, supramolecular chemistry
  • Powder diffraction, Rietveld
  • Structure analysis and quality control
  • Data validation, cif and data handling
  • Non-ambient conditions
  • Small angle scattering
  • Electron microscopy
  • NMR and crystallography, NMR-crystallography
  • Structure-property relationship

5–10 July 2020 ICCC2020

Rimini, Italy

The 44th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry @ICCC_2020 organized by the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society will be held from 5-10 July 2020 in Rimini, Italy. Welcome your attention to this event! More detailed information can be found at

26–31 July 2020 28th International Liquid Crystal Conference

Lisbon, Portugal

Since 1965, when the first ILCC was organized at Kent State University, all ILCC meetings have been outstanding events at which the liquid crystal community gets together to present the newest breakthroughs and ideas.  The 28th ILCC meeting will be an excellent inclusive opportunity to discuss current issues and challenges, to support and appreciate the achievements of early-career researchers and young students.

22–30 August 2020 General Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography

Prague, Czech Republic

Crystallography nowadays is very interdisciplinary extending from structural biology, pharmacy and chemistry to physics and materials science. It includes study of structure of proteins but also for example the crystals structure and microstructure of minerals, new functional materials, nanoparticles, bulk materials, and thin films. It is interested also in relation between structure and function of materials. Important related topics is development of instrumental techniques for structural characterization of materials including large facilities – XFELs, synchrotrons and neutron sources but also continuous improvement of laboratory equipments, development of optics, better and faster detectors.

The core methods of crystallography are X-ray and neutron scattering. However, mainly in last decade, it includes electron diffraction and microscopy, NMR and different spectroscopies. This development also allows investigation of structural changes under extreme conditions like high and low temperatures, high pressures, time-resolved studies, different in-situ experiments in external fields (magnetic, electric), chemical reactions.

The scope of the congress comprises all this. Moreover, this is the 25th anniversary congress and completes one era of these congresses that started in 1948.

8–11 September 2020 21st International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization

Potsdam, Germany

The ISIC (International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization) meetings, taking place every three years, aim to provide a broad overview of the current science and technology of crystallization and, to bring together scientists and engineers of various disciplines, both academic and industrial, from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas. The symposium, initiated by Jaroslav Nývlt in 1960, is organized under the auspices of the EFCE's Working Party on Crystallization since 1978 and, has become the premier international conference in the field of industrial crystallization.

Key Topics 2020

  • Fundamentals of crystallization
  • Crystallization and precipitation in fine chemical, specialty & life-science industries
  • Developments in large scale industrial crystallization
  • Contributions of crystallization to sustainability
  • Integrated process design: Crystallization in the industrial process chain

28–30 October 2020 3-days International Conference on Materials Science

Verona, Italy

The scope of the conference is to bring together scientists from different areas of Materials Science, physicists, chemists, engineers, with the opportunity to present the state-of-the-art of their research and discuss the latest trends in the field.

The conference's topics are related to all aspects of scientific research of advanced and functional materials, such as nanomaterials, electronic and photonic materials (semiconductors, dielectrics, liquid crystals, ionic solids), ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, ferromagnetics, multiferroics, thin-films and coatings, metals/alloys and composites, glasses, catalytic materials, polymers, energy materials, bio- and organic materials, including both experimental and theoretical aspects.

2–6 November 2020 4th International Symposium on Halogen Bonding (ISXB-4)

Stellenbosch, South Africa

As with the previous symposia in this series, the aim of ISXB-4 is to bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines, but with a common interest in the halogen bond and related interactions. The symposium will cover both experimental and theoretical aspects of a broad range of fields such as medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, materials science and industrial applications through keynote addresses, contributed presentations and posters. Following on from the previous meetings there will be a focus on young scientists, with special sessions for emerging investigators and for undergraduates and high-school learners.

ISXB-4 will be held on the picturesque campus of Stellenbosch University, which is situated in the heart of the historical town of Stellenbosch, a popular tourist destination surrounded by mountains and vineyards. It is well-known for the excellent locally-produced wine, good food and a range of modern art galleries. Also nearby is Cape Town, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city which is world renowned for the iconic Table Mountain and beautiful beaches with prolific sea life, including penguins.

We look forward to welcoming you to Stellenbosch in 2020!

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