Corrosion, Wear and Erosion

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Material degradation and loss due to corrosion, wear, and erosion is a serious contemporary issue that primarily limits the useful life of equipment, engineering materials, constructions, hydraulic transportation systems, etc. Material degradation is causing severe ecological problems all around the world.

Driven by the current state of knowledge of mechanisms for the prevention of materials destruction in exploitation conditions, the need to maintain structural material integrity and reliability assets under harsh environments have encouraged experimental, theoretical, and modelling activities in the field of corrosion, wear, and erosion research and prevention.

The present Section focuses on the advancement of basic and applied knowledge concerning the nature of corrosion, wear, and erosion of metallic, nonmetallic, and composite materials and the analysis and development of innovative solutions to practical engineering problems.

Papers that fall within the subjects of physics, chemistry, material science, or mechanical engineering should provide comprehensive insight into corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and interface characterization, with emphasis on enhanced functional performance for different applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- New appearance in general and localized corrosion, corrosion-resistant alloys;

- Theoretical and experimental research, knowledge and new ideas in corrosion, wear and erosion protective and preventive mechanisms;

- Principles and modes of surface engineering for corrosion, erosion, and wear inhibition;

- Protective coatings including smart functional and self-healing coatings;

- The development and use of new test methods for corrosion and wear evaluation and characterization;

- Relationships between the structure, composition, and properties of materials and their corrosion and wear behavior.

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