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Sustainability, Biodiversity and Conservation

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

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All the indicators of the world’s biodiversity status show that it is declining and has been so for decades. Warnings from researchers have been framed in many ways but the trajectory is still downwards – we are witnessing the 6th mass extinction event and humanity is not a bystander. Biodiversity loss is caused by human activity including overexploitation of species, habitat destruction, the spread of weeds and pests, and pollution, the latter particularly contributing to climate change. This is degrading the natural capital upon which all our lives and livelihoods depend. We do not need more evidence of the plight of biodiversity, to conserve and restore biodiversity we need evidence to support practical action on the ground, supported by strong and effective policy. This Section of the journal Sustainability focuses on that call to action and the evidence needs that underpin biodiversity restoration and conservation practice and policy. Papers will be framed within the context of sustainability including the ecosystem services that biodiversity provides and the long-term value that comes from natural capital. This Section will offer findings that address the challenge of sustaining our planet for future generations to benefit from and enjoy. Manuscripts describing new research, new syntheses, and new theories are welcome.

Prof. Dr. Iain J. Gordon
Section Editor-in-Chief

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