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Sustainable Forestry

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

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The Section “Sustainable Forestry” will focus on original research and reviews regarding the sustainable development of forestry. In this framework, studies concerning the forest ecology, biology, conservation and management, the advances in the mensuration, modeling and monitoring technologies of forests, forest ecosystem and health, forest hazard control and management, forest products and services, forest economics, policy, and social forestry, forest hydrology, climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation in forests, natural resource policy and planning, urban forestry, agroforestry, and the sustainable exploitation of forest resources are welcome, as well as other related arguments, in the form of both specialized and interdisciplinary manuscripts.


  • Forest ecology, management, and restoration
  • Forest biology and ecology
  • Mensuration, modeling, monitoring, and remote sensing in forest management
  • Sustainable forest products
  • Forest biodiversity, conservation, and wildlife habitat management
  • Forest ecosystems and health
  • Wood, non-wood forest products and services
  • Forest trees improvement
  • Forest landscape
  • Hazard and risk management in forests
  • Urban forestry
  • Forest economics, policy, and social forestry
  • Forest soil management
  • Forest hydrology
  • Climate change impacts, adaptation, and mitigation in forests
  • Forest biomass, bioenergy, and carbon sequestration

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