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Sustainable Chemical Engineering and Technology

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

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It has now been just over 30 years since the publication of the Brundtland Commission’s report “Our Common Future”, which defined the concept of sustainable development for society in general, and just over 20 years since the publication of Anastas’ and Warner’s seminal book “Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice”. Since then, green chemistry has become synonymous with the chemistry of sustainability, and one of the areas that the industry has embraced the opportunities offered by innovative R&D to create new processes and materials in service of sustainability, many of which are nowadays practiced by manufacturers and are commercially available in the form of all kinds of sustainable products.

Thematically, the section “Sustainable Chemical Engineering and Technology” includes the following topics:

  • Green chemistry;
  • Sustainable chemistry;
  • Circular chemistry;
  • The environmental impact of chemistry;
  • The decreasing consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Technological approaches for preventing pollution;
  • Nano materials;
  • Green solvents;
  • Green synthesis and catalysis;
  • Green manufacturing and engineering;
  • Environmental chemistry and green metrics;
  • Biomass or waste as resources.

Prof. Dr. Angelo Albini
Section Editor-in-Chief

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