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“Authority Versus Authenticity”: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of Daoist Studies
(Editors: Thomas Michael, Xia Chen)
1 Dec 2018 13
“My Soul Is A Witness”: Reimagining African American Women’s Spirituality and the Black Female Body in African American Literature
(Editor: Carol Henderson)
15 Feb 2019 4
African American Religion and the Family
(Editor: Julius H. Bailey)
31 Jul 2019
Afro-American Religions
(Editor: Hans Gerald Hödl)
1 Jul 2019
Animals and World Religions
(Editor: Anna Peterson)
1 May 2019 1
Animals in Islam
(Editor: Sarra Tlili)
31 Jul 2019
Anti Muslim Racism and the Media
(Editor: Idrisa Pandit)
1 Aug 2018 10
Apocalypticism in the 21st Century
(Editor: Robert M. Royalty, Jr.)
1 Jan 2019 4
Archaeology and Ancient Israelite Religion
(Editor: Avraham Faust)
31 Dec 2018 10
Between Ideal and the Other: Jewish Identity and Election in Midrash and Post-Biblical Literature
(Editor: Steven Daniel Sacks)
15 Jul 2019
Between Religion and Ethnicity: Twentieth-Century Jewish Émigrés and the Shaping of Postwar Culture Printed Edition available
(Editors: Julie Mell, Malachi Hacohen)
31 Dec 2011 12
Black Israelite Religions: Chosen Peoples of African Descent
(Editor: Jacob S. Dorman)
20 Jun 2019
Body and Religion
(Editor: Yudit K. Greenberg)
31 Dec 2014 9
Buddhism in Modernity: Thriving or Threatened?
(Editor: Ronald E. Purser)
1 Aug 2019 1
Buddhism in the United States and Canada
(Editor: Scott A. Mitchell)
30 Nov 2018 6
Buddhism on the Silk Road: A Good Case for Religious Syncretism
(Editor: Yuan Ren)
30 Sep 2019 1
Buddhist Beasts: Reflections on Animals in Asian Religions and Cultures
(Editors: Reiko Ohnuma, Barbara Ambros)
1 May 2019 6
Buddhist Medicine in India, Tibet, and Mongolia
(Editor: Vesna Wallace)
15 Feb 2019 4
Buddhist Monasticism and Lay Society
(Editor: Ann Heirman)
1 Jun 2019 1
Canon Law: The Development of Criminal Law and Its Medieval Roots
(Editor: Daniela Müller)
15 Jul 2019
Carceral Intersections: Christianity and the Crisis of Mass Incarceration
(Editors: Douglas A. Campbell, Sarah Jobe)
15 Dec 2018 8
Catholic Bishops in US Politics
(Editor: Timothy A. Byrnes)
15 Oct 2015 7
Charisma, Medieval and Modern Printed Edition available
(Editors: Gary Dickson, Peter Iver Kaufman)
30 Nov 2012 10
Chinese Temples and Rituals in Southeast Asia
(Editor: Kenneth Dean)
31 Dec 2019
Christian Literary Imagination: Seeking Transcendence in an Age of Identity
(Editor: Christopher Denny)
1 May 2019
Christian Literature in Chinese Contexts
(Editor: John T. P. Lai)
31 May 2019
Christian Nationalism in the United States Printed Edition available
(Editor: Mark T. Edwards)
1 Oct 2016 10
Christianity and China in the 21st Century
(Editor: Mark G. Toulouse)
30 Oct 2016 5
Civil Religion in America
(Editor: Raymond J. Haberski, Jr)
15 Apr 2019
Cognitive Science and the Study of Yoga and Tantra
(Editors: Glen A. Hayes, Sthaneshwar Timalsina)
15 Apr 2016 8
Comparative Hagiology: Issues in Theory and Method
(Editor: Massimo Rondolino)
15 Aug 2019
Current Studies in the Sociology of Religion Printed Edition available
(Editor: Kent R. Kerley)
31 Aug 2014 18
Current Trajectories in Global Pentecostalism: Culture, Social Engagement, and Change Printed Edition available
(Editor: Roger G. Robins)
15 Jul 2018 13
Current Trends in New Testament Study
(Editor: Robert E. Van Voorst)
1 Feb 2019 6
Dalits and Religion: Ambiguity, Tension, Diversity and Vitality
(Editors: Cosimo Zene, Meena Dhanda)
1 Sep 2019
Description, Prescription, and Value in the Study of Religion
(Editor: Bharat Ranganathan)
1 Sep 2017 5
Domestic Devotions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
(Editor: Salvador Ryan)
1 May 2019 1
Ecological Perspectives on Religion and Positive Youth Development
(Editors: Mona M. Abo-Zena, Meenal Rana)
30 Jun 2019
Ecumenism and Ecclesiology: The Challenge of Unity and Difference
(Editor: Eric S. Dart)
1 Oct 2018 5
Empire, Socialism and Jews: Writing the Monarchy Back into Austrian History
(Editors: Malachi Hacohen, Serena Bazemore, Thomas Prendergast)
1 Jun 2016 11
Engaging Violence: Case Studies from the Japanese Religious Traditions
(Editor: Michel Mohr)
28 Feb 2018 8
English Poetry and Christianity
(Editor: Kevin Hart)
1 Aug 2016 11
European Perspectives on the New Comparative Theology
(Editors: Francis X. Clooney, S.J., John Berthrong)
31 Aug 2012 13
Explorations in the Practice and Theory of Shamanism: A Collaborative Project Between China and the West
(Editors: Thomas Michael, Feng Qu)
1 Oct 2018 10
Exploring Gender and Sikh traditions
(Editor: Doris R. Jakobsh)
1 Sep 2019
Exploring Samaritanism
(Editor: Reinhard Pummer)
1 Dec 2019
Exploring the Future of Christian Monasticisms
(Editor: Greg Peters)
1 Jun 2019
Faith in Spiritual and Heritage Tourism
(Editors: Michael A. Di Giovine, Mohamad Sharifi-Tehrani)
15 Nov 2019
Fashion/Religion Interfaces
(Editor: Anna-Mari Almila)
1 Apr 2019
Feminism from the Perspective of Catholic Theology
(Editor: Tracey Rowland)
1 Sep 2019
Feminisms and the Study of “Religions”
(Editor: Darlene Juschka)
28 Feb 2018 14
Film and Lived Theology
(Editor: Joseph Kickasola)
4 Jan 2016 13
Franciscan Spirituality and Its Impact for Today’s World
(Editor: Thomas Dienberg)
15 Aug 2018 6
From the Renaissance to the Modern World
(Editor: Peter Iver Kaufman)
1 Sep 2012 10
Funerary Rites in East Asian New Religious Movements
(Editors: Lukas Pokorny, Jérémy Jammes)
31 Dec 2019
Games and God
(Editor: Edward Castronova)
1 Jun 2019
Gender and Spirituality in the Renaissance: Teaching Women’s Religious Writings, 1300–1650, from Europe and the Americas
(Editor: Jane Tylus)
15 Oct 2017 8
Gender, Dress and Religion: Contexts and Configurations
(Editor: Beth E. Graybill)
1 Apr 2020
Glocal Religions Printed Edition available
(Editor: Victor Roudometof)
15 Oct 2015 10
God out of Mind: Thought Experiments, Science, and Religion
(Editor: Yiftach Fehige)
1 May 2019 3
Growing Apart: Religious Reflection on the Rise of Economic Inequality Printed Edition available
(Editors: Kate Ward, Kenneth Himes)
15 Feb 2017 15
Heresy Today: Religious Exclusion in the Modern World
(Editor: Ali Qadir)
31 Mar 2020
Holding the Center: Religiously Motivated Habitations of Contested Spaces
(Editor: William Buhrman)
5 May 2019
Hope in Dark Times
(Editor: John McDowell)
1 Feb 2020 3
In Anticipation: Eschatology and Transcendence in Contemporary Contexts
(Editor: Justin Sands)
1 Dec 2016 13
Indigenous Religions and Globalization’s Effects on the Earth and Ecology
(Editor: Julian Kunnie)
15 Feb 2019 1
Integrating Religion and Spirituality into Clinical Practice Printed Edition available
(Editors: Arndt Büssing, René Hefti)
28 Feb 2015 15
Integration of Religion in Workplace
(Editor: Timothy G Ewest)
15 Jun 2019
Interdisciplinary Quaker Studies
(Editor: Rhiannon Grant)
31 Oct 2018 8
Interfaith, Intercultural, International
(Editors: Claire Smith, Amanda Kearney)
15 Jul 2019 2
Inward Being and Outward Identity: The Orthodox Churches in the 21st Century
(Editor: John A. Jillions)
1 Apr 2017 15
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
(Editor: Uriya Shavit)
15 Apr 2019
Islam in Europe, European Islam
(Editors: Stefano Allievi, Thijl Sunier)
15 May 2019 8
Islam through the Lenses of Muslim Women’s Cultural Production
(Editor: Minoo Derayeh)
28 Feb 2019
Islam, Immigration, and Identity
(Editor: Todd Green)
31 Dec 2013 13
Islamic Education in Contemporary World: Traditions, Rearticulations & Transformation
(Editor: Abdullah Sahin)
31 Jul 2018 6
Islamophobia in Australia
(Editor: Derya Iner)
15 Aug 2019
Jainism Studies
(Editor: Anne Vallely)
1 Mar 2019 5
Jewish Religious Teaching and Learning
(Editor: Elie Holzer)
30 Apr 2019
Jewish Secular Culture
(Editor: Kitty Millet)
25 Jan 2019 2
Jewish-American Literature
(Editor: Irving Rothman)
20 May 2019
Kierkegaard and Theology
(Editors: C. Stephen Evans, Andrew B. Torrance)
1 Jan 2020
Leadership, Authority and Representation in British Muslim Communities
(Editors: Sophie Gilliat-Ray , Riyaz Timol)
25 Apr 2019
Levinas and the Political
(Editors: Richard A. Cohen, Jolanta Saldukaityte)
15 Oct 2018 14
Looking Back, Moving Forward: Black Religions in the United States
(Editor: Stephanie Y. Mitchem)
15 Jul 2019
Luther’s theology and Feminism
(Editor: Kirsi Stjerna)
1 Aug 2019
Magic and Supernaturalism Today
(Editor: Randall Styers)
15 Jun 2019 1
Māori Religiosity and its Cultures in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Whakapono/Wairua Māori ki tōna ahurea
(Editors: Ann Hardy, Tom Roa)
31 May 2019
Measures of Spirituality/Religiosity
(Editors: Arndt Büssing, Christian Zwingmann)
1 Mar 2014 15
Measures of Spirituality/Religiosity (2018)
(Editor: Arndt Büssing)
1 Mar 2018 13
Measures of Spirituality/Religiosity—Description of Concepts and Validation of Instruments Printed Edition available
(Editor: Arndt Büssing)
29 Feb 2016 11
Methodical Aspects of Comparison
(Editor: Oliver Freiberger)
15 Jan 2018 7
Minoan Religion and Iconography: New Material and Interpretations
(Editors: Nanno Marinatos, Fritz Blakolmer)
1 Oct 2019
Modern Paganisms and Indigenous Religions: Intersections and Differences
(Editor: Kathryn Rountree)
31 Jan 2019 2
Multifaith Spaces in Global Perspective
(Editors: Paul Michael Hedges, Anna Halafoff)
1 Jun 2019
Music and Spirituality Printed Edition available
(Editor: Edward Foley)
15 Nov 2014 12
Music: Its Theologies and Spiritualities—A Global Perspective
(Editor: Edward Foley)
8 Oct 2017 6
Muslim Ethics in the Global Medina
(Editor: Sohail H. Hashmi)
1 Jul 2018 5
Muslims Diaspora in Western Countries
(Editor: Roberta Ricucci)
1 Feb 2019 3
Mysticism and Spirituality in Medieval Spain
(Editor: Jessica A. Boon)
1 Sep 2019
Neuroscience and Religion
(Editor: W.R. Klemm)
1 Sep 2019
New Developments in Christianity in China
(Editor: Francis Khek Gee Lim)
15 Jun 2019 1
New Horizons in the Philosophy of Religion
(Editor: Jonathan Hill)
30 Apr 2015 6
On Violence: Voices and Visions from Hindu Goddess Traditions
(Editor: Patricia Dold)
1 May 2019
Performing Religion
(Editor: William Robert)
1 Mar 2019 1
Perspectives on Reincarnation: Hindu, Christian, and Scientific Printed Edition available
(Editor: Jeffery D. Long)
31 Jul 2017 16
Phenomenological Studies of Religious Life
(Editor: George Pattison)
30 Nov 2018 6
Philanthropic Traditions through Christian History: Common Themes and Contestations
(Editors: David Daniels, David King)
31 May 2018 10
Plato among the Christians
(Editor: J. Warren Smith)
15 Aug 2016 7
Political Islam in World Politics
(Editor: Jocelyne Cesari)
31 Mar 2020
Political Theology and Pluralism
(Editor: Joseph Rivera)
1 Jun 2019 1
Poverty and Wealth in Biblical and Global Contexts
(Editor: Robert Wafawanaka)
1 Apr 2019
Practicing Buddhism through Film
(Editor: Francisca Cho)
1 Jun 2018 6
Progressive Evangelicalism
(Editor: Brantley W. Gasaway)
30 Jun 2012 6
Race and Religion: New Approaches to African American Religions
(Editor: Carolyn J. Medine)
15 Aug 2017 11
Race-Ethnicity and American Religion: Solidarities and Separations
(Editor: Christine Soriea Sheikh)
15 Aug 2014 5
Racism and Religious Diversity in the United States
(Editor: Jeannine Hill Fletcher)
31 Jul 2019
Re-framing and Re-focusing Religion and Film in America
(Editor: Mark W. Graham)
30 Jun 2019
Recent Work on Catholicism
(Editor: Steven M. Avella)
30 Oct 2012 9
Reenvisioning Christian Ethics
(Editor: Darryl W. Stephens)
31 Jul 2019
Reenvisioning Religious Education
(Editor: Almeda Wright)
15 Oct 2018 10
Reframing Islam in Southeast Asia
(Editor: Chiara Formichi)
15 Aug 2019
Religion & Addiction
(Editors: Chris Cook, Wendy Dossett)
31 Dec 2014 11
Religion & Globalization
(Editor: Lionel Obadia)
30 Sep 2014 10
Religion & Violence Printed Edition available
(Editor: John L. Esposito)
1 Sep 2015 8
Religion and Art: Rethinking Aesthetic and Auratic Experiences in 'Post-Secular' Times
(Editor: Davor Džalto)
31 Dec 2018 7
Religion and Capitalism in Colonial North America and the United States
(Editor: Catherine Brekus)
1 Apr 2019
Religion and Crime: Theory, Research, and Practice Printed Edition available
(Editor: Kent R. Kerley)
15 Mar 2018 17
Religion and Family Life
(Editor: Richard J. Petts)
15 Jan 2019 15
Religion and Food in Global and Historical Perspective
(Editor: Benjamin E. Zeller)
31 Jul 2018 6
Religion and Genocide
(Editor: Steven Leonard Jacobs)
15 Mar 2017 6
Religion and Mediatisation in Global Perspective
(Editor: David Herbert)
30 Apr 2019
Religion and Mental Health Outcomes
(Editor: Xiaohe Xu)
1 Jul 2017 6
Religion and Modern Jewish Thought
(Editor: Paul Mendes-Flohr)
15 Nov 2018 10
Religion and Nature in a Globalizing World
(Editor: Evan Berry)
1 Mar 2016 6
Religion and Politics: New Developments Worldwide
(Editor: Roy C. Amore)
30 Apr 2019 7
Religion and Refugee: Interdisciplinary Discussions on Transformative Humane-Divine Interactions
(Editors: Jin-Heon Jung, Alexander Horstmann)
1 Sep 2019 5
Religion and Spirituality in Contemporary Japan
(Editor: Kevin M Doak)
31 Mar 2019 2
Religion and Sports in North America
(Editor: Annie Blazer)
1 Sep 2019
Religion and the Crusades
(Editor: Carsten Selch Jensen)
30 Sep 2019
Religion and the Individual: Belief, Practice, and Identity Printed Edition available
(Editors: Douglas James Davies, Michael J. Thate)
15 Apr 2016 13
Religion and the New Technologies Printed Edition available
(Editor: Noreen Herzfeld)
1 Feb 2017 13
Religion and Theatrical Drama
(Editors: Larry D. Bouchard, Charles A. Gillespie)
15 Sep 2019
Religion and Transformation in Contemporary World
(Editor: Christian Danz)
31 Mar 2019 4
Religion and Violence in Africa
(Editors: Terry Rey, John F. Clark)
1 Jul 2019
Religion in Australian Public Life: Resurgence, Insurgence, Cooption?
(Editor: Marion Maddox)
15 Aug 2019
Religion in Latin America, and among Latinos abroad.
(Editor: Gustavo Morello SJ)
1 Dec 2019 2
Religion in Museums
(Editor: Victoria S. Harrison)
1 Nov 2019
Religion, Disability, and Social Justice: Building Coalitions
(Editor: Darla Schumm)
15 Aug 2017 5
Religion, Education, Security
(Editor: Liam Francis Gearon)
1 Dec 2018 8
Religion, Power, and Resistance: New Ideas for a Divided World
(Editors: Anna Halafoff, Sam Han, Caroline Starkey, James Spickard)
15 Feb 2019 1
Religion, Religious Freedom, and Human Rights: A Social Scientific Approach
(Editor: Giuseppe Giordan)
30 Mar 2019 3
Religion, Ritual and Ritualistic Objects Printed Edition available
(Editor: Albertina (Tineke) Nugteren)
30 Jun 2018 11
Religion, Spirituality and Health: Forgiveness in Health, Medicine and Social Sciences
(Editors: Deborah Lycett RD, René Hefti, Arndt Büssing, Chris Cook)
30 Nov 2018 4
Religion, Spirituality, and Family Life
(Editors: Joanne E. Roberts, Jeremy R. Rhodes)
15 Mar 2014 5
Religion, Welfare and Social Service Provision: Common Ground Printed Edition available
(Editors: Robert Wineburg, Jay Poole)
15 Mar 2016 17
Religions and Psychotherapies Printed Edition available
(Editors: Klaus Baumann, Frank-Gerald B. Pajonk)
31 Jul 2011 13
Religions and Public Health: Critical Insights from Religious Studies
(Editor: John Blevins)
31 May 2019 1
Religions in African American Popular Culture
(Editor: Angela M. Nelson )
10 May 2019
Religions in Shakespeare's Writings
(Editor: David V. Urban)
10 Jun 2019 11
Religiosity, Secularity and Pluralism in the Global East
(Editors: Fenggang Yang, Francis Jae-ryong Song, SAKURAI Yoshihide)
31 Aug 2018 11
Religious Beliefs and the Morality of Payback
(Editor: Diana Fritz Cates)
15 Aug 2019
Religious Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
(Editors: Enzo Pace, Alberto Da Silva Moreira)
31 Aug 2017 9
Religious Engagement with Climate Change
(Editor: Stephen Ellingson)
1 Aug 2019
Religious Environmental Activism in Asia: Case Studies in Spiritual Ecology
(Editor: Leslie E. Sponsel)
15 Jun 2019
Religious Experience in the Hindu Tradition
(Editor: June McDaniel)
1 Jan 2019 11
Religious Freedom in the Global South
(Editor: Waheeda Amien)
30 Jan 2019 5
Religious Minorities in Europe and Beyond: A Critical Appraisal in a Global Perspective
(Editors: Silvio Ferrari, Kerstin Wonisch, Roberta Medda-Windischer)
30 Jun 2019
Religious Space as Cultural Heritage
(Editors: Ola Wetterberg, Eva Löfgren)
31 Mar 2019 1
Religious Texts and Interpretations
(Editor: Signe Cohen)
21 Jun 2019
Religiously-Motivated Vaccine Hesitancies
(Editor: Tom Aechtner)
31 Jul 2019
Research with the Centrality of Religiosity Scale (CRS)
(Editor: Stefan Huber)
30 Dec 2019
Sacramental Theology: Theory and Practice from Multiple Perspectives
(Editor: Bruce Morrill)
1 May 2019 1
Sacred Journeys: Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
(Editors: Chadwick Co Sy Su, Ian McIntosh)
1 Mar 2018 8
Sacred Space and Place
(Editor: John Nelson)
30 Nov 2018 6
Sacrifice and Religion
(Editor: Daniel Ullucci)
1 Nov 2018 5
Salafism in the West
(Editor: Adis Duderija)
31 Jan 2020 1
Science and Religion: Buddhist and Hindu Perspectives
(Editors: Geoffrey Samuel, Rob Hogendoorn)
1 May 2014 8
Selected Papers from Spirituality in Healthcare Conference 2015 “Sowing the Seeds”
(Editors: Fiona Timmins, Wilf McSherry)
30 Nov 2015 16
Selected Papers from Spirituality in Healthcare Conference 2016 “Nurturing the Spirit"
(Editors: Fiona Timmins, Wilf McSherry)
30 Nov 2016 11
Selected Papers from Spirituality in Healthcare Conference 2017 “Creating Space for Spirituality in Healthcare”
(Editors: Fiona Timmins, Wilf McSherry)
15 Nov 2017 13
Selected Papers from Spirituality in Healthcare Conference 2018 “Spirituality at a Crossroads”
(Editors: Kathleen Neenan, Vivienne Brady, Fiona Timmins, Wilf McSherry)
15 Nov 2018 9
Slave Religion: Histories and Horizons
(Editor: K. Merinda Simmons)
31 Aug 2019
So Say We All: Religion and Society in Science Fiction
(Editor: James H. Thrall)
1 Aug 2018 5
Special Editors Issue 31 Aug 2011 5
Spiritual Care for People with Cancer
(Editor: A. (Anja) Visser)
15 Nov 2019
Spiritual Exemplars
(Editor: W. George Scarlett)
31 Mar 2012 8
Spirituality and Health
(Editor: Arndt Büssing)
31 Dec 2010 9
Sport, Spirituality, and Religion: New Intersections and Global Challenges
(Editor: Tracy J. Trothen)
30 Jun 2019
Suicide Prevention, Religion and Spirituality
(Editors: Karolina Krysinska, MA, PhD, Karl Andriessen, MSuicidology, BSW)
15 Dec 2017 15
Teaching Augustine Printed Edition available
(Editors: Scott McGinnis, Christopher Metress)
1 Jan 2015 15
Teaching Dante
(Editor: Christopher Metress)
1 Mar 2019 6
Teaching the Reformations Printed Edition available
(Editor: Christopher Metress)
1 Feb 2017 11
The “Mahayana” Distinction in South and Central Asia
(Editor: Joseph G. Walser)
30 Jun 2019
The Book of Job: A Challenge for the Rationality of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
(Editor: Bradley H. McLean)
31 Dec 2018 7
The Future of Catholic Theological Ethics Printed Edition available
(Editor: Anna Abram)
31 Aug 2017 11
The Jewish Antiquities of Flavius Josephus: Studies in Memory of Louis Feldman
(Editor: Chris Seeman)
31 May 2019
The Jewish Experience in America
(Editor: Eli Lederhendler )
15 Oct 2018 9
The Marrano Phenomenon. Jewish ‘Hidden Tradition’ and Modernity
(Editor: Agata Bielik-Robson)
30 Oct 2018 13
The New Visibility of Religion and Its Impact
(Editor: Michael Hoelzl)
21 Mar 2020
The Pedagogy of Evangelization in the New World (16th and 17th Centuries)
(Editor: Delfín Ortega-Sánchez)
27 Nov 2019
The Public Role of Religion
(Editors: Roberto Cipriani, Orivaldo Lopes, jr)
1 Jan 2018 10
The Reality of Religious Violence in the Bible
(Editor: Hector Avalos)
15 Jun 2019
The Relationship between Religiosity and Mental Health
(Editor: Joseph D. Hovey)
1 Oct 2019
The Return of Religious Antisemitism?
(Editor: Gunther Jikeli)
31 May 2019
The Role and Meaning of Religion for Korean Society
(Editor: Song-Chong Lee)
29 Sep 2018 12
The Sacred & the Digital. Critical Depictions of Religions in Video Games Printed Edition available
(Editor: F.G. (Frank) Bosman)
1 Apr 2018 11
The Society for Tantric Studies Proceedings (2016)
(Editors: Glen A. Hayes, Sthaneshwar Timalsina)
30 Jun 2017 17
The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World
(Editors: Katharine J. Dell, Arthur J. Keefer)
1 May 2016 7
(Editor: Jill Graper Hernandez)
30 Nov 2017 18
Theology and Practical Life
(Editor: Simon S.M. Kwan)
31 Mar 2019 6
This and Other Worlds: Religion and Science Fiction
(Editor: Laura Ammon)
15 Sep 2019
Tracing Iranian Influences in the Religions of Ancient Iran
(Editor: Jason Mokhtarian)
1 Aug 2019
Transcendentalism and the Religious Experience
(Editors: Kenneth S. Sacks, Daniel Koch)
30 Jun 2017 13
Transformations of Religiosity
(Editor: Peter Nissen)
1 Apr 2019 1
Transforming Encounters and Critical Reflection: African Thought, Critical Theory, and Liberation Theology in Dialogue Printed Edition available
(Editors: Justin Sands, Anné Hendrik Verhoef)
1 Feb 2018 13
Unitarian Universalism and Religious Liberalism
(Editor: Dan McKanan)
15 May 2019
Verdant: Knowing Plants, Planted Relations, Religion in Place
(Editors: Lisa E. Dahill, Jacob J. Erickson)
1 Dec 2018 7
Violence Justified? Buddhism, Ethnicity and Religious Conflict in Asia
(Editor: Mahinda Deegalle)
31 Mar 2019
Witchcraft, Demonology and Magic
(Editor: Marina Montesano)
15 Apr 2019 3
Women and Religious Authority
(Editors: Jill Peterfeso, Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp)
30 Apr 2011 8
Women in Buddhism
(Editor: Lisa Battaglia)
1 Mar 2018 7
Writers and Critics on Loss, Love, and the Supernatural
(Editor: Marisa Labozzetta)
31 Mar 2013 7
Youth, Emerging Adults, Faith, and Giving Printed Edition available
(Editor: Patricia Snell Herzog)
31 Jan 2016 10
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