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This section of Metals covers the degradation of materials via corrosion and the methods and mechanisms to protect them. It focuses on the corrosion phenomenon, including advanced mechanisms, efficient testing techniques and the main influencing factors, and finding the most suitable procedures to avoid or slow down its propagation, such as coatings, inhibitors or cathodic protection, among others.

It is well-known that corrosion causes important economic losses in a number of materials and environments, from the chemical and automotive industries to marine structures. Moreover, the disposal and further substitution of the damaged elements involves an additional consumption of natural resources. Thus, in order to contribute to more sustainable development, new strategies must be defined to extend the life of both existing and new structures.

The subject of corrosion has been a common research topic over the years, but more advanced knowledge is still required to win the battle against this problem. A complete understanding of this phenomenon will guarantee an improved design to reduce the dramatic consequences. The definition of precise testing techniques, adapted to the specific corrosion condition, will be essential to be able to assess a reliable service life. In addition, the corrosion protection methods must be correctly defined to achieve the required safety level.

Then, contributions that offer solutions to this generalized problem, adapted to the specific field or industry, are welcome. The submission of manuscripts touching on the most recent advances is encouraged. The purpose of this section is to assist designers in finding an improved strategy for each particular corrosive environment.

Topics covered in this section:

  • Corrosion mechanisms and methods
  • Corrosion in the energy industries
  • Corrosion in the transportation industries
  • Atmospheric and marine corrosion
  • High temperature oxidation
  • Corrosion of steel in concrete
  • Inhibitors
  • Cathodic protection
  • Metallic and nonmetallic coatings
  • Smart corrosion protection strategies
  • Other protective films and pretreatments

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