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Metabolomics within plant science involves the large-scale study of small molecules, also known as metabolites (polar and lipophilic primary metabolites, secondary metabolites, and volatiles), within plant tissues, inclusive of root, stem and leaf tissues, as well as grains/seeds and fruits. Plant metabolomics and volatilomics involve the identification and comparative (relative) or absolute quantification of the thousands of cellular metabolites or volatile metabolites and their interactions, applying LC-MS (MS/MS and multi stage MSn) to primary metabolites, lipids and secondary metabolites, GC-MS of volatiles (SPME and TD analysis) and primary metabolites (MOX-TMS derivatives), as well as 1D and 2D-NMR, analytical approaches.

Within the Plant Metabolism section, topics of interest include but are not limited to studies of:

  • Plant, fruit and seed, development and physiology;
  • Plant disease;
  • Plant interactions with insects and rhizosphere microbes;
  • Plant-derived natural products and waste stream valorisation;
  • Nutrition in plant-derived foodstuffs.

Metabolites warmly welcomes submissions based on the application of metabolomics within plant science, from biological-based studies in the above-outlined areas, through to analytical method development, metabolite identification method development, MS and NMR imaging development, metabolite database and library development, and informatics and data workflow development in plant sciences.

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