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The “Mechanisms of Diseases” section of the Journal of Precision Medicine aims to disseminate leading-edge scholarship on individual or personalized biomolecular mechanisms related to disease, disease progression, persistent disease remission, mechanisms of resistance, mechanisms of outstanding response, and mechanisms of regular response to therapy. We emphasize translational research, requiring validation using human cohorts, human tissues, or human-derived data, either retrospectively, prospectively, or through meta-analyses. We encourage submissions that explore complex biomolecular interactions and patterns, including those spanning different biological scales, exploring synergistic and antagonistic effects of distinct biomolecular mechanisms that may interact in an individual manner and confer paradoxical resistance of or risk factors not more otherwise explained by simple additive and subtractive effects of risks. We strongly encourage the submission of articles that focus on predictive analytics and biomarkers, including those that involve multiple variables (e.g., multi-omics, biomolecular pathways, clinical imaging, clinical data, or a combination of these ) rooted in causal biomolecular mechanisms. Download Section Flyer


  • Individualised Biomolecular Mechanisms of Disease/Insights into the underlying biomolecular mechanisms contributing to the development of specific diseases.
  • Individual Disease Progression/Investigation into the biomolecular mechanisms that drive the progression of diseases.
  • Persistent Individual Disease Remission/Explore the mechanisms responsible for maintaining disease remission over extended periods.
  • Mechanisms of Individual Resistance to Therapy/Address the biomolecular mechanisms that underlie resistance to therapies or interventions.
  • Mechanisms of Exceptional Individual Response to Therapy/Elucidate the biomolecular mechanisms that lead to exceptional responses to treatments.
  • Mechanisms Explaining Individualized Probability of Response to Therapy/Focus on the biomolecular mechanisms associated with typical responses to therapeutic interventions.

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