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Editors (4)

Prof. Dr. David Alan Rizzieri
1. Senior Vice President and Director, Novant Health Cancer Institute, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, USA
2. Professor of Medicine Chief, Section of Hematologic Malignancies, Associate Director for Clinical Research, Division of Hematologic Malignancies and Cellular Therapy Duke Cancer Institute, Durham, NC 27710, USA
Interests: hematopoetic blood or stem cell transplant; leukemia; lymphoma
Prof. Dr. Kenneth P.H. Pritzker *
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Section Editor-in-Chief
Professor Emeritus, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, 6 Queens Pk Crescent W,F, Toronto, ON M5S 3H2, Canada
Interests: Biomineralization: Normal and Pathological; Pathogenesis of Degenerative Joint Diseases, Osteoarthritis; Pathogenesis of Crystal Deposits in Tissues; Connective Tissues as Biomaterials; Novel Biomaterials; Biomedical Applications of Fullerenes; Connective Tissue Neoplasia; Ribosomal RNA and its pathology; Neoplasia risk assessment using novel biomarkers and histo/cyto morphometry; Ultrasound enabled histologic and cytologic technologies; Novel biomarkers for spondylitis and other chronic inflammatory diseases; Abiotic Stress
* Section 'Clinical Medicine, Cell, and Organism Physiology'
Prof. Dr. K. Ray Chaudhuri *
Section Editor-in-Chief
Department of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, The Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute, King's College London, Cutcombe Road, London SE5 9RT, UK
Interests: Parkinson's disease; movement disorders
* Section 'Methodology, Drug and Device Discovery'
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Prof. Dr. Enrico Mini *
Section Editor-in-Chief
Department of Health Sciences, Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy
Interests: gastrointestinal cancers; tumor drug resistance; biomarkers; pharmacogenetics; pharmacogenomics; translational studies
* Section 'Pharmacogenetics'
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Editorial Board Members (230)

Prof. Dr. José Carmelo Adsuar Sala
Promoting a Healthy Society (PHeSo) Research Group, Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Extremadura, 10003 Cáceres, Spain
Interests: global health; physical and sports activities as a strategy to promote a healthy society; physical activity interventions; exercise training physical exercise; physical health; assessment of physical capacity; health, quality of life in groups of subjects and active lifestyle (elderly; children, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson, etc.); balance and muscle strength; rehabilitation; osteoporosis; fall prevention; validity and reliability of physical fitness testing; active tourism, outdoor behavioral healthcare, wilderness therapy, forest bathing, shinrin-yoku, buddhist walking
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Prof. Dr. José A. G. Agundez
Institute of Molecular Pathology Biomarkers, University of Extremadura, 10003 Cáceres, Spain
Interests: Pharmacogenetics; pharmacogenomics; drug metabolism; adverse drug reactions; drug allergy
Dr. Ana Alfirevic
The Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine, Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool, Block A: Waterhouse Buildings, 1-5 Brownlow Street, Liverpool L69 3GL, UK
Interests: pharmacogenomics; prediction-based drug safety; drug-induced hypersensitivity; variability in drug response; human leukocyte antigen
Dr. Barbara Altieri
Division of Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine I, University Hospital, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany
Interests: adrenal tumor; neuroendocrine tumor; genetic syndrome
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Prof. Dr. Constantinos Anagnostopoulos
Nuclear Medicine Physician PET-CT Department & microPET/CT Unit Center for Experimental Surgery, Clinical & Translational Research BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION ACADEMY OF ATHENS 4 Soranou Ephessiou St., 115 27 Athens, Greece
Interests: molecular imaging; cardiac imaging; coronary artery disease; atherosclerosis; heart failure
Dr. Francesca Ariani
Department of Medical Biotechnologies, Università degli Studi di Siena, 53100 Siena, Italy
Interests: cancer; neurodevelopmental disorders and hereditary nephropathies
Prof. Dr. Cynthia Aristei
Radiation Oncology Section, Department of Surgical and Biomedical Science, University of Perugia, 06123 Perugia, Italy
Interests: breast cancer; hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; gynecological cancer; radiation oncology; external beam radiotherapy; brachytherapy; total body and total marrow/lymphoid irradiation; imaging modalities to optimize radiation treatment
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
Prof. Dr. Bruce J. Aronow
Center for Computational Medicine, Divisions of Biomedical Informatics and Developmental Biology, Departments of Pediatrics and Computer Science, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincinnati, CHRF S10.248, 3333 Burnet Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229, USA
Interests: systems; networks; variations; ontologies; genomics; phenomics; interactions; combinatorials
Dr. Rajendra D Badgaiyan
Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Functional and Molecular Imaging, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Interests: neuroimaging; psychiatry; cognitive neuroscience
Dr. Christophe Badie
Cancer Mechanisms and Biomarkers Group, Radiation Effects Department, Public Health England, Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon OX11 0RQ, UK
Interests: carcinogenesis; radiation biology; leukaemia; biomarkers
Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals
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