Methodology, Drug and Device Discovery

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The Section “Methodology, Drug and Device Discovery” takes a multifaceted and collaborative approach to promoting the development of innovative, personalized therapies for those with respiratory diseases, critical illness, sleep disorders, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, and genetic diseases. This Section aims to provide the latest relevant and credible research that focuses on identifying and instilling principles of translational and clinical science, together with strategies and specific methods to distribute knowledge surrounding the discovery and development of new drugs and devices, which relates to the art and principles of personalized medicine. Download Section Flyer

This Section will also support applications proposing preclinical discovery of biotechnology products and biologics with potential as candidate therapeutics including, but not limited to, large biologic macromolecules (e.g., proteins, antibodies, and peptides), gene-based therapies (i.e., oligonucleotide- and viral vector-based), cell therapies, and novel emerging personalized therapies.

Similarly, submissions are encouraged in relation to the development of new devices to monitor and measure symptoms and signs of chronic diseases which may provide a granular insight into home monitoring as well as remote care and facilitate personalized healthcare by providing a dashboard of symptoms. Such devices may include wearable sensors, disease bespoke apps, as well as combined devices.

Topics of interest with a view towards personalized medicine in the Section Methodology, Drug and Device Discovery include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Methodology
  • New software tools, databases, and resources in metabolomics and proteomics;
  • Computational and mathematical methods in medicine;
  • Hypothesis and verification;
  • Experimental designs, assessment;
  • Up-to-date research in organs-on-chips;
  • Medical imaging knowledge and technology;
  1. Drug discovery
  • Drug discovery methods that relate to personalized medicine and model systems;
  • Up-to-date research in personalized vaccines, targeting and clinical trials;
  • Diagnostic and monitoring of liquid biopsy for disease;
  • Personalized pharmacotherapy;
  • Personalized nanomedicine and smart nanomedicine;
  1. Device discovery machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence for personalized health applications
  • Application of nanoparticles, nanocomposites, and biosensors in diseases;
  • Wearable sensors, disease bespoke apps, combined devices;
  • Wearable technology/device development and device monitors;
  • Diagnostic techniques, bioimaging, and radiology;
  • Multidisciplinary therapeutic strategies.

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