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3D Computer Imaging for Architectural Heritage
(Editor: Marco Gaiani)
30 Aug 2019
3D Image Modeling from Planetary Data
(Editor: Ara Nefian)
10 May 2019
Advanced Surveillance Based on Deep Learning
(Editors: Cosimo Distante, Wei Qi Yan)
28 Feb 2019
Biomedical Photoacoustic Imaging: Technologies and Methods
(Editor: Jan Laufer)
15 Nov 2018 9
Color Image Processing Printed Edition available
(Editor: Edoardo Provenzi)
30 Jun 2017 12
Color Image Segmentation
(Editor: Mihai Ivanovici)
30 Sep 2019
Computation and Analysis of Imaging Aberrations
(Editor: José Antonio Díaz Navas)
19 Apr 2019 1
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
(Editor: Cosimo Distante)
30 Sep 2017 6
Detection of Moving Objects
(Editor: Thierry Bouwmans)
30 Apr 2018 8
Document Image Processing Printed Edition available
(Editors: Ergina Kavallieratou, Laurence Likforman-Sulem)
15 Dec 2017 13
Holography, Interferometry and Infrared thermography advances and applications in Cultural Heritage
(Editors: Vivi Tornari, David Giovanacci)
30 Apr 2019
Image and Video Processing in Medicine
(Editors: Gonzalo Pajares Martinsanz, Philip Morrow, Kenji Suzuki)
30 Oct 2016 7
Image Based Information Retrieval from the Web
(Editors: Phivos Mylonas, Evaggelos Spyrou)
30 Aug 2018 5
Image Enhancement, Modeling and Visualization
(Editors: Alessandro Rizzi, Michela Lecca, Gabriele Simone, Nikola Banic)
12 Aug 2018 5
Image Processing in Agriculture and Forestry Printed Edition available
(Editors: Gonzalo Pajares Martinsanz, Francisco Rovira-Más)
31 Dec 2016 12
Image Processing in Soft Condensed Matter
(Editor: Mierk Schwabe)
15 Jan 2019 5
Image Processing Using FPGAs
(Editor: Donald Bailey)
30 Nov 2018 7
Image/Video Processing and Coding
(Editor: Cataldo Guaragnella)
30 Apr 2019
Imaging & Vision
(Editors: Md Atiqur Rahman Ahad, Masakazu Morimoto, M. Julius Hossain, Shahera Hossain)
30 Dec 2018
In-vivo Imaging
(Editors: Laura Sironi, Donato Inverso)
28 Feb 2019 1
Light Pollution Assessment with Imaging Devices
(Editor: Andreas Jechow)
15 Jun 2019
Mathematical and Computational Methods in Image Processing
(Editor: Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan)
25 Jan 2019 2
Media Quality in Mixed Realities
(Editor: Patrick Seeling)
17 May 2019
Medical Image Analysis
(Editors: Orcun Goksel, Christine Tanner)
20 Dec 2018 2
Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2018
(Editors: Sasan Mahmoodi, Mark Nixon, Reyer Zwiggelaar)
30 Nov 2018 6
Microwave Imaging and Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Problems
(Editors: Loreto Di Donato, Andrea F. Morabito)
15 Mar 2019 4
Modern Advances in Image Fusion
(Editors: Nikolaos Mitianoudis, Tania Stathaki)
14 Dec 2018 2
Neutron Imaging
(Editor: Daniel S. Hussey)
31 Oct 2017 18
Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Imaging Printed Edition available
(Editor: Simon Zabler)
28 Feb 2018 9
Privacy and Security for Images
(Editor: Jaime Delgado)
28 Feb 2019
Quantum Information in Imaging: Advances and Applications
(Editor: Marco Lanzagorta)
15 Jan 2019
Recent Advances in Spectral Imaging Systems and Techniques for Food and Agriculture Applications
(Editor: Seung-Chul Yoon)
31 May 2019
Remote and Proximal Sensing Applications in Agriculture
(Editor: Thomas Alexandridis)
31 Dec 2017 7
Selected Papers from “MIUA 2017”
(Editors: Maria Del C. Valdés Hernández, Victor Gonzalez-Castro)
7 Nov 2017 19
Soft Computing for Edge Detection
(Editor: Carlos Lopez-Molina)
31 Mar 2019
The Future of Hyperspectral Imaging
(Editor: Stefano Selci)
26 Oct 2018 11
The World in Infrared Imaging
(Editor: Carosena Meola)
30 Sep 2016 13
Trends in Machine Learning for Visual Computing
(Editor: George A. Papakostas)
7 Apr 2019
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