Special Issues - Infrastructures

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Advanced Materials and Technology for Resilient Bridge Infrastructures
(Editor: Armin Mehrabi)
31 Mar 2019
Applications of Infrared Thermography to Infrastructure Inspection
(Editors: Susana Lagüela López, Massimo Menenti)
31 Aug 2018 2
Building Information Modelling for Civil Infrastructures
(Editors: Lucía Díaz Vilariño, Miguel Azenha)
31 Dec 2018 3
Concrete Structures: Present and Future Trends
(Editor: Jónatas Valença)
20 Mar 2018 7
Durability and Sustainability of Concrete Mixtures
(Editor: Ali Behnood)
30 Apr 2019
Expanding Cities, Diminishing Space
(Editors: Manfred Schrenk, William D. Shuster)
30 May 2018 5
Feature Papers
(Editors: Pedro Arias-Sánchez, Susana Lagüela López)
30 Nov 2018 5
Innovate, Research, and Maintain Transportation Infrastructure
(Editor: Mi G. Chorzepa)
31 Mar 2019
Intelligent Infrastructures
(Editors: Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Halil Ceylan, Sunghwan Kim)
3 Feb 2019
Railway Infrastructure Engineering
(Editors: Sakdirat Kaewunruen, Akira Aikawa, Alex M. Remennikov)
1 Nov 2018 5
Recent Advance and Future Trends in Pavement Engineering
(Editor: Patricia Kara De Maeijer)
10 Jun 2019
Reliability and Resilience Evaluation of Aging Transportation Infrastructures
(Editors: Dan Su, Ye Xia)
1 Oct 2018
Resilient Infrastructure Systems
(Editors: Thomas P. Seager, Susan Spierre Clark, Jennifer L. Schneider, Andrea Hicks)
15 Aug 2018 2
Seismic Resilient Infrastructures
(Editors: Sanjay Nimbalkar, Anindya Pain, Qingsheng Chen, Mohd Ahmad Syed)
30 Jun 2019
Selected Papers from the 4th International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure – Pavement Design and Construction (ICTI 2018)
(Editors: Wynand JvdM Steyn, Martin Mgangira, James Maina)
30 Sep 2018
Selected Papers from the REHABEND 2018 Congress
(Editors: Ignacio Lombillo, Haydee Blanco, Yosbel Boffill, Luis Villegas)
30 Sep 2018 5
SMARTI - Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructure
(Editors: Davide Lo Presti, Emannuel Chailleux, Mayca Rubio)
30 Nov 2019
Sustainable Transportation Infrastructures
(Editors: Giuseppe Loprencipe, Giuseppe Cantisani, Paola Di Mascio)
30 Sep 2018 4
Technologies and Methodologies for the Assessment of Structures and Infrastructures in the Presence of Natural Hazards
(Editor: Carlo Rainieri)
30 Apr 2019
The Role of Infrastructures in the Smart City
(Editor: Isam Shahrour)
30 Jun 2018 2
Water Infrastructure Asset Management
(Editors: Assela Pathirana, Frank den Heijer, Paul Sayers)
31 Jan 2019
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