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20–22 September 2022 The 8th Aquatic Biodiversity International Conference

Sibiu, Romania, European Union

The conference will aim to communicate recent advancements in aquatic biodiversity, including the following topics: assessment, monitoring, conservation, and management, aquatic habitat–biodiversity interrelations, aquatic biodiversity and alien species, aquatic microbial ecology, food web interactions and aquatic productivity, wetlands biodiversity, research methods in aquatic ecology/biodiversity, ecologic reconstruction and biodiversity, human impact and aquatic biodiversity, and global changes. Both senior and student researchers are welcome to submit scientific materials.


  1. Aquatic biodiversity: assessment, monitoring, conservation, and management;
  2. Aquatic habitat–biodiversity interrelations;
  3. Aquatic biodiversity and alien species;
  4. Aquatic microbial ecology;
  5. Food web interactions and aquatic productivity;
  6. Wetlands biodiversity;
  7. Research methods in aquatic ecology/biodiversity;
  8. Ecologic reconstruction and biodiversity;
  9. Human impact and aquatic biodiversity;
  10. Toxicology;
  11. Global changes.

21–23 September 2022 Conditions and Directions of Development of the Polish Economy in View of the Current Environmental Requirements

Poznań, Poland

The Conference “Conditions and Directions of Development of the Polish Economy in View of the Current Environmental Requirements” will establish theoretical and practical approaches for integrating often contested environmental and developmental issues, especially scrutinizing the current co-creative turn in sustainability research and policy.

The conference covers the following research areas:

  • Polish water resources management;
  • Polish energy policy from the perspective of renewable resources;
  • Spatial management in Poland;
  • e-mobility and sustainable transport policy in Poland;
  • Conditions for the development of the Polish economy in the light of climate change;
  • Polish green economic, social, and demographic order conditioning sustainable development in Poland;
  • Sustainable consumption and prosumption in Poland;
  • The sharing economy and new forms of management in Polish conditions;
  • Environmental economics in the face of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and other economic shocks.


17–21 October 2022 INTERPRAEVENT International Symposium 2022

Taichung, Taiwan

INTERPRAEVENT 2022 will be held in October 2022 in Taichung, Taiwan. The symposium is organized by the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (Taiwan), jointly with the Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Society (Taiwan) and the National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), with the main topic “Nature Disaster Occurrence, Reduction and Restoration in Mountain Regions”. In the symposium, the INTERPRAEVENT society will address natural hazards from the aspects of investigating the phenomena, monitoring occurrences, analyzing risks, strengthening governance, increasing resilience, mitigating disasters, restoring impacted communities and enhancing preparedness. The aspects are converged into the following sessions (see below).

  • Disasters caused by dam–lake outbursts and driftwood, debris/mud flows;
  • Disasters caused by landslides and rockslides;
  • Disasters caused by seasonal floods and surface erosions;
  • The relationships between natural hazards and climate change;
  • Strategy from natural disasters to restoration;
  • Stream ecosystem services and nature-based solutions;
  • Disaster-resilient community and rural regeneration.

The symposium has teamed up with a Special Issue of Water entitled “Natural Disaster Occurrence, Reduction and Restoration in Mountain Regions”. (
Firstly, the oral presenters (excluding the invited lectures) must submit manuscripts to the SI of Water; if accepted, the papers can be published in Water and collected in INTERPRAEVENT Proceedings.

For more information, visit the conference website:

21–23 October 2022 ICEST 2022

Qingdao, China

The 2022 13th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ICEST 2022) will be held on 21–23 October 2022 in Shandong University, Qingdao, China. ICEST 2022 is supported by Shandong University (Qingdao), technically supported by the International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS), and South–South Collaborative and Sustainable Development Center. The conference is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Environmental Science and Technology to a common forum.

28–30 October 2022 CEESD 2022

Nanjing, China

The 2022 7th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development (CEESD 2022) will be organized by the Asia Pacific Institute of Science and Engineering (APISE) and will be held in Nanjing, China, from Oct. 28 to 30, 2022.

The annual 2022 7th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development (CEESD 2022) addresses research issues in Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Development, and Applications. It is a leading forum for researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. We invite the submission of original research contributions.


  • Advanced physical and chemical treatment for water and wastewater;
  • Physio-chemical and bioremediation of hazardous substances in soils;
  • Biofuels generation from waste treatment;
  • Photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants;
  • Groundwater remediation and management;
  • Process modelling and development;
  • Hazardous substances risk assessment;
  • Industrial wastewater treatment;
  • Nanotechnology for environmental applications;
  • Regulatory practice, water quality objectives and standard setting, water quality classification.

30 November–2 December 2022 4th International Seminar on Dam Protections against Overtopping

Madrid, Spain

The present seminar continues the series of events initiated in Madrid (Spain) in 2014 with the objective of bringing together leading experts in research, development, and practical implementation of protection systems to address overtopping of dams and levees and mitigate against potential damages. The inaugural seminar was successfully followed by the meetings held in Fort Collins (Colorado, USA) in 2016 and Grange-over-Sands (UK) in 2018.

These efforts have produced challenging initiatives to improve the exchange of knowledge among specialists about both the physical processes involved in overtopping scenarios and the preventive measures required to protect critical infrastructures such as dams or fluvial levees. Thus, the European Club of the International Committee on Large Dams (EURCOLD) launched an international working group termed European Working Group on Overflowing and Overtopping Erosion (EWGOOE) which is hosted by the European Club of ICOLD and is structured according to the following topics:

  • Overflowing erosion of embankment dams and fluvial levees.
  • Overflowing erosion of concrete dams and spillways.
  • Overtopping erosion of sea dikes.
  • Protections against overflowing erosion of embankment dams and fluvial levees.

The EWGOOE was officially presented in the ICOLD Annual Meeting that was held in Ottawa in June 2019. The intention of the EWGOOE is to adopt Protections as the meeting place of the working group. The permanent Organizing Committee of the series of Protections seminars is thus happy to announce this new collaboration to the technical and scientific community.

2–4 December 2022 ICRER 2022

Tianjin, China

The 2022 4th International Conference on Resources and Environmental Research (ICRER 2022) is going to be held on 2–4 December 2022, in Tianjin, China. Environmental Resources refer to the environment as a whole as the sum of resources. All kinds of natural resources, including water, air, land, animals and plants, minerals, and their combination of various states, are the material basis for human survival and development. Irrational development and utilization of environmental resources have led to increasingly serious damage, such as water resource shortage and pollution, ozone layer destruction, soil desertification, forest area reduction, and the imminent exhaustion of some rare species and minerals, which will have a corresponding impact on human social progress and economic development.

18–22 February 2023 The 9th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM9)

Tsukuba, Japan

More frequent, severe torrential rainfall events due to climate change have had critical global consequences in terms of human losses and economic damage. The number of people vulnerable to devastating floods will continue to rise due to large-scale urbanization, population growth in flood-prone areas, deforestation, climate change and rising sea levels. In the current COVID-19 environment, the world’s attention is often focused on preventing the further spread of infection. However, the threat of floods remains as imminent now as it was before the pandemic. If we fail to learn from our past mistakes and likewise enact change in society to increase its resilience to changes and disturbances, flood disasters will hit humanity even harder.

Starting with the adoption of "The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030" at the third United Nations World Conference on DRR in March 2015, the international community agreed on the "Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" in September 2015 and "The Paris Agreement on Climate Change" in December 2015. To support and implement those agreements, concerted, solid and strategic actions must be taken to enhance climate and disaster resilience and sustainability.

Flood disaster resilience and sustainable development are closely and structurally interlinked. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the challenges they pose in a comprehensive manner beyond disciplines, promote holistic, integrated and interdisciplinary approaches, and conduct planning, implementation and evaluation for such obstacles. With these aims in mind, the ICFM9 will provide a platform to discuss a wide, comprehensive range of issues related to the topic at hand from scientific, technological, social and economic perspectives. In addition, the ICFM Lifetime Achievement Award and Erich Plate Best Student Poster Award will be presented at the conference.

The ICHARM is well-positioned to serve as a local host of the ICFM9 in collaboration with several key organizations in Japan. ICHARM will encourage and coordinate participation with many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to introduce further diversity to the discources that will be held at the ICFM9.

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