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The Catalysis Enhanced Processes section of Processes is the ideal forum for the publication of significant high-quality and high-impact research, as well as review papers. Catalytic processes are the core for most of the chemical, energy, and food industries. With the increase in population and, at the same time, increase in environmental concerns, it is essential to develop catalytic processes that allow a higher production rate with higher efficiency and lower emissions. The detailed knowledge on the interplay between the catalyst activity and selectivity and the reactor and process design will allow the development of more efficient production processes. We welcome manuscripts dealing with both experimental and modeling work; process design, including the effect of novel catalytic systems; multifunctional catalytic systems; and process intensified catalytic systems.  The Catalysis Enhanced Processes section of Processes addresses these challenges. All manuscripts submitted for publication under this section will undergo the usual high-quality peer review process of the Processes journal and, if accepted, will be published rapidly online. Download Section Flyer

  • New materials for processes
    • Catalysts
    • Sorbents
    • Oxygen carriers
    • Membranes
    • Porous materials
  • New reactors
    • Membrane reactors
    • Sorption enhanced reactors
    • Micro reactors
    • Novel reactors
  • New processes
    • Process design
    • Techno-economic analysis
    • LCA analysis
    • Energy analysis

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