Plant Physiology and Metabolism

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The Plant Physiology and Metabolism Section of the journal Plants publishes original research and timely review articles on all aspects of physiological mechanism and biochemistry, both metabolic and structural. The Section aims to increase our knowledge on the biochemical and biophysical basis of plant and algal physiology and the use of this knowledge for engineering photosynthetic organisms for enhanced biomass productivity, resistance to abiotic stress, and synthesis of high-value products.

As a section of a plant biology journal, all presented work must be clearly related to physiological and biochemical processes of higher plant, lower plant, multicellular, and unicellular algae, i.e., work on agriculture, horticulture or chemical constituents will not be considered unless clearly related to physiological processes.

In particular (but not exclusively), this Section invites contributions that report on:
• Photosynthesis and respiration;
• Photoprotection and abiotic stresses;
• Structure and function of biochemical macromolecules and their organization into supercomplexes;
• Acclimation to abiotic stress;
• Oxidative stress;
• Photoreceptors and other receptors of the physical environment;
• Signal transduction of environmental factors;
• Engineering of plants and algae for enhanced photosynthetic yield and biomass accumulation;
• Engineering of plants and algae for accumulation of biofuel precursors.

Prof. Dr. Roberto Bassi
Section Editor-in-Chief

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