Sections - Plants

Plant Physiology and Metabolism 703 Articles

Prof. Dr. Roberto Bassi  

Phytochemistry 977 Articles

Dr. Suresh Awale  

Plant Protection and Biotic Interactions 626 Articles

Prof. Dr. Paula Baptista  

Plant Molecular Biology 314 Articles

Plant Development and Morphogenesis 249 Articles

Plant Ecology 292 Articles

Plant Cell Biology 114 Articles

Dr. Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso  

Plant Systematics, Taxonomy, Nomenclature and Classification 103 Articles

Plant Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology 563 Articles

Prof. Dr. Khalid Meksem  

Plant Modeling 55 Articles

Plant Response to Abiotic Stress and Climate Change 626 Articles

Prof. Dr. Luigi Sanita' di Toppi  

Plant Nutrition 205 Articles

Plant–Soil Interactions 123 Articles

Prof. Dr. Adriano Sofo  

Crop Physiology and Crop Production 67 Articles

Dr. Fermin Morales  

Plant Structural Biology 4 Articles

Plant Systems and Synthetic Biology 7 Articles

Prof. Dr. Baohong Zhang  

Horticultural Science and Ornamental Plants 39 Articles

Plant Genetic Resources 72 Articles

Dr. Yong-Bi Fu  


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