Plant–Soil Interactions

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The Plant-Soil Interactions Section publishes original papers, mathematical models, review articles, hypothesis/opinion/perspective papers, and methods/case studies encompassing work from the molecular through the whole plant to community scale. Phenotypic, anatomical, morphological, physiological, cytological, histological, genetic, biochemical, molecular and chemical aspects and processes occurring at the interfaces between plants, roots, soil organisms (microorganisms, fungi, and fauna) and the organic and inorganic soil components will be considered.

Studies on root morphology and development, rhizosphere processes, plant/root endophytes and soil microbiota, N-fixing symbiont microorganisms, chemical signaling among plants and soil microorganisms, and uptake of water and minerals in the roots are particularly welcome.

The papers can have both a mechanistic or an applied (but scientifically based) approach, and be both plant- or soil-oriented. Studies on wild, model and cultivated plants, and including the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere compartments will be considered unless clearly focused on the relationships between plants and soil. Proposals for Special Issues of particular scientific interest will be considered.

Focus areas:

  • Plant mineral nutrition and hydrology
  • Absorption, accumulation and of chemical species in plants
  • Anatomy, morphology, and architecture of root systems
  • Growth, development, and functioning of root systems
  • Interactions between roots and physicochemical soil properties
  • Roots-soil organisms crosstalk and symbiotic associations
  • Root-rhizosphere processes and communication
  • Plant/root water relations
  • Root endophytes and soil microbiota
  • Ecological aspects of the soil-water-plant-atmosphere system
  • Genetic control of root system properties
  • Roots as a management tool in natural and cultivated soils
  • Improvement and restoration of soil fertility aimed at sustainability
  • Soil bio-remediation
  • Global change mitigation and adaptation

Prof. Dr. Adriano Sofo
Section Editor-in-Chief

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