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Reproductive Medicine & Andrology

A section of Journal of Clinical Medicine (ISSN 2077-0383).

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Reproductive Medicine and Andrology cover demographic, social, health and sexual problems of ever-increasing importance not only in the most industrialized countries, but worldwide. These two disciplines embrace clinical, translational and basic research on all anatomical, physiological and pathological aspects of the female and male reproductive systems. This research is leading to tremendous developments in scientific knowledge in the reproductive field through the contribution of embryology, genetics, endocrinology, molecular biology, etc., and is about to expand further through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, papers (clinical trials, narrative reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, editorials, opinions, debates, letters to the Editor, Special Issues) in the main clinical fields and in all the adjacent topics, like reproductive endocrinology, reproductive biology, reproductive genetics, reproductive oncology, etc., are highly welcome.

Urologists, endocrinologists and basic researchers are also invited to submit contributions related to Andrology, a discipline somewhat neglected for too many years and still not adequately represented in many other human reproduction journals.

We are interested in valuable original contributions from academicians, clinicians and researchers, to whom we can offer a large interested audience.

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