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26–28 February 2020, Lisbon, Portugal
Polymer Connect, Polymer Science and Composite Materials Conference

Polymers and Composites are at the forefront of much of the current technological developments improving healthcare and delivery new industrial products, emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing, smart and intelligent materials, biopolymers and biocomposites, reducing carbon footprints of automobiles and aircraft, enhancing food quality and drug delivery systems. However plastics are seen as one of the current environmental concerns with the careless disposal of plastic waste in the oceans and the widespread pollution with microplastics. These concerns are widely felt in Portugal as a Maritime Nation with an excellent record of environmental concerns most notably with over 50% of the energy production coming from renewable sources (International Energy Agency). We have selected key researchers in each of these challenging areas to deliver the state of the art through the series of keynote and invited lectures. This is a great opportunity to hear about the energing research in these fields across the world and a perfect platform for you to present and discuss your own research work. I encourage you to submit your work for presentation, there will be special networking opportunities for early career researchers and students


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