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Prof. Dr. Badie Morsi
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Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 940 Benedum Hall, 3700 O'Hara Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261, USA
Interests: Carbon dioxide capture; carbon dioxide sequestration; techno-economic analysis (TEA) of CO2 capture processes; enhanced oil recovery; hydrodynamics; mass transfer in multiphase reactors; modeling of multiphase reactors, process and reactor engineering, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Prof. Dr. Martin Olazar
Associate Editor
Departament of Chemical Engineering, University of the Basque Country - UPV/EHU, Leioa, BI, Spain
Interests: biomass to energy; waste to energy; pyrolysis; gasification; pyrolysis-reforming to hydrogen; hydrodynamics of fluidized and spouted bed reactors; catalytic processes for waste valorisation

Editorial Board Members (63)

Prof. Dr. Foster Agblevor
College of Engineering, Biological Engineering Department, Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA
Interests: biomass; catalytic pyrolysis; red mud catalysis; hydrodeoxygenation; carbonyl alkylation
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Prof. Dr. Pavlos Aleiferis
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2AZ, UK
Interests: sustainable fuels; atomisation and sprays; thermofluids; optical diagnostics; computational fluid dynamics; thermal propulsion systems
Dr. Barbara Apicella
Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione IRC-CNR, Napoli, Italy
Interests: development and application of advanced diagnostic techniques for conventional and non-conventional pollutants; detection of combustion-generated fine and ultra-fine particulate from combustion systems and study of its formation mechanism and chemical-physical structure, strictly linked to its environmental and; characterization of heavy fossil fuels in terms of structure and pollutant emission in order to set-up chemical procedures for obtaining cleaner fuels; restructuring of carbon materials with thermal annealing by furnace and laser heating, and study of the heating-induced structural changes; relation between nanostructural properties and physico-chemical properties of nanocarbons
Dr. Omar M. Basha
Department of Chemical, Biological and Bio Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, 329 McNair Hall, 1601 East Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27411, USA
Interests: multiphase reactive flows; droplets; bubbles; dispersions; computational fluid dynamics; process modeling; process optimization; XTL processes; multiphase reactors; multiphase separators; hydrocarbon conversion; CO2 capture and sequestration
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Michele Battistoni
Department of Engineering, University of Perugia, 06123 Perugia, Italy
Interests: computational fluid dynamics (CFD); sprays; multiphase flows; internal combustion engines; fuels
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Edo Boek
1. Materials Research Group, School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
2. Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, UK
Interests: biofuel extraction from algal suspensions; asphaltene characterisation in fossil fuels; enhanced oil recovery (EOR); low Salinity flooding; hydrogen fuel cells
Prof. Dr. Byungchul Choi
School of Mechanical Engineering, Chonnam National University, 77 Yongbong-ro, Bug-gu, Gwangju, 61186, Korea
Interests: liquid biofuels; hydrgen production by steam reforming catalysts; explosive solid fuels; technology for emission after-treatment; catalytic combustion
Prof. Dr. Nigel Clark
George B. Berry Chair Emeritus, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Statler College of Engineering & Mineral Resources, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA
Interests: alternative fuels; atmospheric emissions inventory; internal combustion engines; vehicle propulsion, powder & particle technology; multiphase flows; thermal sciences; energy and efficiency research
Prof. Dr. Cyril Crua
Advanced Engineering Centre, University of Brighton, UK
Interests: optical diagnostics; atomisation; sprays; droplets; supercritical fluids; thermofluids; carbon capture
Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Dahmen
Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology (IKFT), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany
Interests: sustainable fuels; synthetic biofuels; bio-oils from fast pyrolysis; bio-crude from hydrothermal liquefaction; upgrading of bio-oils and -crude; pilot plant construction and operation
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